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Sahana Mailing Lists

The information below describes and captures the relevance of various topics to different mailing lists. Please read our guideline on mailing list etiquette to better help you work well with the community.

Please read the scope of each of the mailing lists below and do your best not to cross-post between mailing lists (but once copied do not remove mailing lists either). If in doubt send your email to

For assistance with any of these mailing lists, please write

(draft) What is not appropriate for any Sahana list?

It is not appropriate to post the following to any Sahana list.

General Sahana Discussion Forums

Sahana-Discuss / ( subscribe | archive) This is a general discussion list for all Sahana official, unofficial and new Sahana contributors. All contributors should be registered on this list as it represents the common forum where all major discussions regarding Sahana will be made. It is also the catch-all forum for any topic that is not within scope of the other mailing lists. Discussions include:

Sahana Technical Forums

Sahana is now implemented by multiple projects. They have different strengths and focuses and you can pick the project that suits you.

Scope of discussions on technical development lists:


This is the Python-based implementation


This is the PHP-based implementation

Sahana-Localization ( subscribe )

All Sahana queries and issues with regard to localization or translation efforts for the Sahana application can be directed to this forum. Discussion can include: