2013 Responsibilities for SSF GSOC Mentors


  • In alignment with GSOC policies, previous Sahana GSOC students are eligible to apply. Past participation does not guarantee a slot and past performance may be taken into account when reviewing applications.
  • All mentor payments are paid to the Sahana Software Foundation, not the project or the mentor
  • The primary mentor should be an active Sahana code developer.
  • Code mentors should make sure to coordinate all plans with domain or subject matter mentors as well as PMC members who will take responsibility for code reviews if the primary mentor is not a PMC member.
  • The Product Development Committee (Projects PMC) must make sure that each student has someone with domain expertise in the study area.
  • Projects PMC is responsible to make sure all mentors are remaining engaged in the program and that the project is not requesting more students than can be well mentored.
  • All mentors must have returned a Contributor License Agreement
  • All mentors must have agreed to our Code of Conduct.
  • A mentor should only act as primary mentor for one student.


  • In general, it is desired that as much communication as practical takes place using the existing project communications media - namely IRC for realtime communications, and the public mailing lists for asynchronous communications. These should be the primary means of project collaboration. Note that due to timezone differences, some coordination may be required to arrange realtime communications.
  • All communications should be replied to in a timely manner.
  • Private emails or chats should only be used for sensitive issues that are best not discussed on public channels such as IRC or the Eden, Agasti or main Discussion list.
  • If a mentor will be unreachable for a few day due to, say, travel, they should inform their student as soon as practical. As there will be two mentors assigned to a student, only in significant periods of absence should the Sahana GSOC Admins be notified.


  • Mentors shall complete all activities required by Google (reviews, project selection, etc) no later than 48 hours before the Google deadline to give Administrators enough time to make sure all obligations are followed through.

Progress Tracking

  • Mentors will be responsible for tracking progress by students on a weekly basis as directed by GSOC Administrators


The assigned mentor will be responsible for reviewing project work, and ultimately responsible for approving/denying both mid-term and final GSOC payments. The following guidance is provided:

  • If the project milestones for mid-term review have not been met, then the default position of a mentor will be to fail the project at mid-term reviews. Only under exceptional circumstances will the mentor, after consultation with other the Sahana GSOC administrators, approve the mid-term review.
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