Volunteer Management System (VMS)

The Volunteer Management System gathers together and customises functionality from other parts of Sahana and provides them in the form of a single module so that it is easier to manage volunteers. It adds new functionality to allow defining custom skill types, and setting which skills a volunteer has.

The main menu of VMS consists of:

  1. Projects
  2. Teams
  3. Person
  4. Skill Types
  5. My Tasks

The above categorization is on the basis of the tools required to assist with common needs for managing volunteers. The interface is mainly intended for use by someone managing volunteers but can also be used by a volunteer to enter and view their own information. Besides the five options in the menu, VMS also consists of menus which come up on selection of entities from either of Projects, Teams , and Persons menu in the form of <Menu: Entity Name> next to the parent menu option in the menu bar. These new menus, show the available operations that can be applied on the entities selected and displayed in the menu name.

Projects is used to list and create projects. Projects are assimilation of tasks. Creation of a project allows us to enlist the staff and assign tasks to the registered volunteers.

Teams is used to create and list teams aka groups. Selection of a team from the list of teams leads to further more features for teams such as editing the details regarding a team e.g. address data, contact, and membership. There is also the “Map Team” and the “Send Mail” function. Map Team displays the location of the individual members of the selected team on a map. It shows the most recent presence location of the volunteers or the address if the volunteer does not have a presence log. Send Mail, sends the message to each member of the team.

Persons is used to create and list individual volunteers. On selecting a volunteer from the list, one would get options for Volunteer Data, Person Data, View Map, and Send Mail respectively. Volunteer Data consists of volunteering specific data such as availability, team membership, and skills.Person Data consists of person specific data such as basic details comprising of name and other stats personal to a person. It also comprises of images, identity for identification from authorized IDs, address for storing the address, Contact Data for storing contact related information, and finally Presence Log to store the latest location of the volunteer.View Map shows the location of the volunteer under feature class “Volunteer” as a “Volunteer” marker.Finally Send Mail, comprises of the compose form. It defaults to the selected the volunteer and can be used to send messages to the volunteer.

Skill Types is used to create customized skills based on an organizations requirement. The skills created in Skill Types shows up in the Volunteer Data.

My Task displays the tasks assigned to the logged in member.


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