1) All the modules installed (enabled/disabled) are showed in a table format with a checkbox to enable/disable module dependending on whether the module is disabled/enabled .
2) The user can select modules from the list by marking in the checkbox and click “save” button
3) A confirmation page is shown

1) A list of modules are displayed for which upgrades are available
2) The user can select which module needs to upgraded and clicks over it
3) Case A : When the module does not have dependancies

A confirmation page is shown to confirm with the user if he still wants to continue with upgrade.
If user still wishes to continue , a click on “Proceed” button -
a) Downloads the zip package of the module
b) Deletes the module folder from mod directory
c) Extracts the contents of the package into mod/module folder
d) Executes those sql files in mod/module/sql for which the version of the sql files is greater than the previous version
e) Displays Confirmation

Case B: When module is having dependancies

A list of those (dependancy)modules is displayed along with whether the current version of the module is compatible with the upgrade version
If the user still wishes to continue
The above a through e process is repeated for every module .

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