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 +The following directory structure is used in Sahana. If you are developing code please follow this structure. If you are developing a module, all files should be contained in the module directory.
 + /-www - Web root of Sahana - this directory can exposed to the web
 +    |-theme - The directory that contains all the themes (CSS/Images/Javascript) available for Sahana
 +       |-default - The default theme for Sahana
 +       |-green_theme - An alternative theme
 + /-conf - contains the config files for Sahana (should not be exposed to the web!)
 + /-3rd - 3rd party components Sahana depends on
 + /-inc - Sahana libraries (prefixed by lib_) and handlers (prefied by handler_)
 + /-mod - main modules directory for sahana
 +    |-home - displays the home page
 +    |-dvr - people registry
 + /-test - quick functionality test scripts

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