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 +====== Framework Evaluation Template =======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +Use this space to introduce your framework to the community.  Discuss it's best points that may not be laid out in the more detailed sections below.  Are there any other names it goes by?  What's it's primary functions/benefits/bells and whistles?
 +Be sure to link to the frameworks website for easy reference.
 +If you'd like to see the template in action you can check out the [[SymfonyFrameworkEval|Symfony Framework Evaluation]] page.
 +===== Features =====
 +On the [[dev:fk_requirements|Sahana Framework Evaluation]] page there is a detailed list of ideal features.  What of these requirements does this framework have?  Are there other useful features not listed or that are particularly exceptional?  Please use the categories below to help facilitation your evaluation.
 +=== Data/ORM ===
 +Please reference the Data/ORM evaluation on the [[dev:fk_requirements#data/orm|Sahana Framework Evaluation]]
 +=== Development ===
 +Please reference the Development evaluation on the [[dev:fk_requirements#development|Sahana Framework Evaluation]]
 +=== Documentation ===
 +Please reference the Documentation evaluation on the [[dev:fk_requirements#documentation|Sahana Framework Evaluation]]
 +=== Administration ===
 +Please reference the Administration evaluation on the [[dev:fk_requirements#administration|Sahana Framework Evaluation]]
 +=== Features ===
 +Please reference the Features evaluation on the [[dev:fk_requirements#features|Sahana Framework Evaluation]]
 +=== Optimization/Efficiency ===
 +Please reference the Optimization and Efficiency evaluation on the [[dev:fk_requirements#optimization/efficiency|Sahana Framework Evaluation]]
 +=== Installation ===
 +Please reference the Installation evaluation on the [[dev:fk_requirements#installation|Sahana Framework Evaluation]]
 +===== Major Implementations =====
 +Have their been any major implementations of this framework?  Was a significant program or project developed with it?  Link or list the details here for some more credibility.
 +===== Evaluation and Testing =====
 +Have you tested the framework with Sahana?  Please detail your testing for others to review and replicate.  
 +Be sure to include a label on your results so in the event of another persons testing more than one group can share.
 +==== Goal of Testing ====
 +What was the goal of the test you ran?
 +==== Source Code ====
 +What source code did you use and where can we find it?
 +==== Guidelines ====
 +What specific guidelines did your test follow?
 +==== Process ====
 +Outline the process for your testing.
 +==== References ====
 +Are there any reviews or reference sites you recommend or that influenced your testing?
 +==== Results ====
 +Outline your results.  How did it perform?  Were there any problems or challenges?  Describe how well it compared to the goals you had starting out.
 +===== Questions and Discussion =====
 +Do you or anyone else in the community have open questions on this framework?  You can post your own questions for discussion or this space can be for others to ask you from.  Be sure to sign your post using the Signature button above (all the way to the right).

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