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Sahana Mobile Hazard Information Center(HIC)


  • Blueprint for portable low cost, low powered HIC
  • Pre-test hardware stack
  • Composed from ubiquitous hardware devices so it can be put together at a moments notice


Low-powered netbook Popular low-powered netbook (eeepc, geko notebook )

Wireless LAN A secured wireless LAN using any of the popular wireless routers

Integrated Mobile Phone Integrated mobile phone for sending and receiving SMS messages

Mobile connectivity to internet 3G, HSPDA or BGAN (more expensive) for connectivity if required to a central strategic operations center (optional)

Mobile power Power for all the above from a Solar Panel, from the car battery or similar

Pre-configured Sahana Preconfigured LAMP/Sahana distro

Would like to gather thoughts on what you would recommend for each of these areas as recommended device. Based on this I would like to create a Blueprint for a Sahana mobile HIC and a fixed hardware/device spec that we can work towards have a distribution of Linux/Sahana ready for.

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