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What is TestLink ?

TestLink is a software testing and execution tracking system.More importantly it is an Opensource software given under the GPL license( In order to maintain a premium quality ,Sahana is being using this facility for a long time.

By using TestLink it is possible to create and maintain testcases,store results by executing each test case and finally arrive at comprehensive test reports

Executing a test case

currently TestLink contains various test cases for different modules and other main areas(eg: Installer). Anyone can test available test cases after log in to which is Sahana's TestLink page.

To run a particular test case you have to click the “execute” button listed at top menue bar.after execution page appears you have to select the test case from the tree.

  • Then seperately test for that area according to the specification and steps listed in the test case.
  • After testing it few times you have to mention the result as “Pass” or “Failed” by ticking the respective check box
  • If needed you can include additional information as a note
  • Finally you can save the reults by clicking “Save Results” button

You can execute all test cases available for a module in a single run

To do that you have to select a module from the tree and all tast cases would display in right hand side. then you can run selected test cases or all and finally save the result

Using the Filter feature

You can use filter to select only required test cases(eg :test cases those are not run).

there are several filters to filter results by Owner,Keywords,Results and the Build

Deriving Results

You can jump to results page by clicking “Results” button at the top menu bar. Using this feature we can obtain reports for overall test results,passed test cases,failed cases and many more.

  • “General Test Suite Metrics” and “The Overall Build Status” will provide an overall result with percentage of success and failure.
  • Blocked test cases and Failed Test cases can be listed seperately.
  • By clicking “Total Bugs For Each Test Case” we can derive a report having available bugs for each test case.

More interestingly this provide the feature to export a test report as a spreadsheet document And also we can send the test report by mail using “send test report” option

How to add new test cases ?

There are several sub categories under each module which contain test cases regarding to Functionality,Usability and Accessibility. Functionality test cases contain all tests regarding to that functional area,steps and expected results

To add a new test case first you have to select a module(eg :Inventory Management System) Then you have to expand that category and you can see available functional areas where tast cases have been prepared

  • If a new functional area need to be addressed you have to click on the module name(eg :Inventory Management System) and clik “New Category” from the component panel appear in right side.

* After giving a meaningful name and a summery you may create the category.

  • After creating the category you have to create a test case named “Functionality” if the test case addresses functional issues.otherwise “Usability” or “Accessibility”.Naming conventions are to maintain the consistency.
  • You have to provide a summery,steps and expected results for a particular test case.

If the functional area already listed and need to add a new test you just have to add the test under summery and list steps and expected result.after that click update

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