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 +====== Shelter Registry and Reconstruction Module ======
 +We may want to consider a different name for the module initially. We should first focus on the collection of building damage assessment information. We can later look at how efforts such as reconstruction should be handled, probably under a different module (e.g. specific focus). As usual - our first effort should be on collecting information.
 +===== DRAFT Requirements =====
 +  * Support the collection of data from multiple forms (e.g. support a wide variety of different types of assessment forms)
 +  * Support the import/​export of form structure as XML (allow the rapid creation and deployment of new forms)
 +  * Support the import/​export of survey data as XML (for import into other systems)
 +  * Publish collected data via GeoRSS
 +  * Publish collected data via OGC services for integration into other GIS systems
 +===== References/​Resources =====
 +==== U.S. Applied Technology Council ====
 +{{req:​atc-20.pdf|ATC-20 - Detailed Evaluation Safety Assessment Form}}\\
 +{{req:​atc-38-earthquake_assesment_survey.pdf|ATC-38 - Earthquake Assessment Survey}}\\
 +{{req:​atc-45_rapid_evaluation.pdf|ATC-45 - Rapid Evaluation Safety Assessment Form}}\\
 +{{req:​atc-45_detailed_evaluation.pdf|ATC-45 - Detailed Evaluation Safety Assessment Form}}\\
 +==== Other ====
 +{{req:​rapid_building_site_assessment.pdf|NPS/​Heritage Emergency Task Force 2005 Rapid Building and Site Condition Assessment Form}}\\
 +{{req:​rapidruralassessmentform.pdf|UN OCHA 2003 Interagency Rapid Rural Assessment Form}}\\
 +==== New Zealand Building Safety Evaluation: Draft Guidelines ====
 +This document is based on the ATC-20, and has been promoted by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering.
 +It can be access on the [[http://​www.nzsee.org.nz/​TechnicalActivities.xml|web here]]. The pdf can be [[http://​www.nzsee.org.nz/​TechGroup/​BSE-Guidelines20081215.pdf|directly download here]].
 +Please note that it contains some useful forms for building assessment following an earthquake (and potentially other events, but it is focused on earthquakes). In additional to covering pre-event and post-event processes in detail, it also has some useful forms for capturing building damage assessment information (Rapid Assessment Forms - pages 34-36). There is also a telephonists script (pages 42-43) that could also be implemented for a call centre to collect preliminary information before sending building inspectors out for more detailed assessments.
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