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 +====== Timeline ======
 +  *Defining requirements ​
 +  *Refining Inventory Module to meet these requirements
 +  *Review/​Test by stakeholders
 +  *Further refinement ​
 +  *Review/​Test by Beta-testers (between us, I'm sure we could find 10-20 Logisticians willing to giving it a go)
 +  *Further refinement
 +  *Set free into the wild. Publicize through all of our networks, try to get as much take up as possible (probably should be a gradual process...)
 +  *Further refinement based on feedback
 +  *Look for funding from: Donors who see the value in the software; Organizations willing to pay for the implementation (customization;​ training)
 +  *Use funding to repeat process for: Fleet management, asset management, procurement,​ distribution tracking
 +====== Resources ======
 +  *Mark & I can probably define the requirements.
 +  *I can think of a couple of potential beta-testers
 +  *Mahesh + 1 Intern are developing this currently(?​). How much time are you able to commit to this? Do you need other resources/​support?​ Do we need to get any other developer working on this? Will volunteers be enough? Should we start recruiting volunteers for this ? Mahesh - let us know!
 +  *I can code, although only have limited experience with PHP and none with AJAX, and would prefer not to (and my time is limited). But the option is there.
 +====== ISCRAM 2009 ======
 +Who's going? I've submitted a paper on Humanitarian Logistics Information Systems. Do you think we would be able to demo this module? What opportunities could this provide? More volunteers to code?
 +====== Questions: ======
 +Is the Inventory Module used in any of the current implementations?​
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