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 +====== My Background ======
 +I have spent the past 3 years developing Logistics and Supply Chain Databases for 2 different NGOs across Indonesia, Pakistan and Uganda. I believe that IRC is now using one of these databases as a global standard across all of their offices. The last 2 years has been spent with Save the Children USA in Banda Aceh, developing a supply chain management (SCM) system to assist their Tsunami recovery programs.
 +Here is the user manual which I wrote for the SCM database:
 +  * http://​www.fromthehorizon.com/​Files/​StC/​SCM%20Database%20Manual%20with%20Training%20Videos.zip
 +  * http://​www.fromthehorizon.com/​Files/​StC/​SCM%20Database%20Manual.zip
 +I have also included a couple of demo videos of this database (you'​ll have to download to watch sorry):
 +  * http://​www.fromthehorizon.com/​Files/​StC/​Receiving%20Warehouse%20Items%20Video.zip
 +  * http://​www.fromthehorizon.com/​Files/​StC/​Dispatching%20Warehouse%20Items%20Video.zip
 +I have now finished with these projects, although I know there is still a lot of room for improvement in this area. Unfortunately I see NGOs all pursuing their own systems independently. I hope with Sahana we may be able to develop a system which many different NGOs are able to use, which will be more efficient, and hopefully more effective, by improving collaboration between NGOs.
 +====== Introduction ======
 +This is an attempt to simplify the draft requirements,​ and attempt to align them with what is currently present in the Inventory Module. I may be over simplifying Mark’s requirements (please let me know), but hopefully we can come up with a basic design which can be expanded later. ​
 +I have deliberately kept this brief (and lazily a bit rough), I don’t want to write a huge amount before I have a complete understanding of what has already been done, although at the same time I hope that we can start to come together to requirements! Please let me know if I need to clarify anything, or if you think I’m wrong on any points.
 +My intention is to have software which will help the warehouse storekeepers manage their items in their inventory, this includes:
 +  * Producing documentation on the receipt/​dispatch/​adjustment of items
 +  * Producing Inventory Item Ledgers
 +  * Producing Item Movement Reports
 +====== Goal ======
 +(At this stage) To produce Warehouse software aimed specifically at NGOs in developing countries, for use in disaster relief, recovery and development programs. ​ That's what I'd like to see (my bias!) I hope it doesn'​t conflict with other people'​s goals, but I thought it best to be transparent about it.
 +At this stage I'm only talking about warehouse software, but later I hope that we could include procurement,​ asset management, fleet management and potentially distribution tracking.
 +One step at a time...
 +====== Terminology ======
 +Inventory – a location where items are stored, either permanently,​ or in transit. This could be a warehouse, and dock, an airport, etc.
 +====== Processes ======
 +===== Admin =====
 +==== Add Inventory ====
 +===== Warehouse Staff =====
 +==== Receive Items ====
 +Add Item(s) to a specific inventory (This may include multiple items of different types). All the following details must be recorded:
 +  - Ordered List Item
 +  - Air Way Bill (AWB)/Bill of Lading (BOL)/other tracking number for the shipment ​
 +  - Product Name/​Description ​
 +  - Category/​Subcategory (LINK TO LIBRARY LOOKUP MASTER LIST) 
 +  - Sender/​Donor/​Consignor ​
 +  - Designated for: (Specific project, population, village or other earmarking of the donation SUCH AS GRANT CODE). ​
 +  - Quantity/​AWB ​
 +  - Shortage/​Damage ​
 +  - Net Quantity Received [Line 7 minus line 8 – this is used as quantity going forward. ​
 +  - Unit of Measure (descriptor:​ Packing Type/Unit Size) 
 +  - Specifications (additional quanitity quanitifyer – i.e. “4mx5m” ​
 +  - Unit Size [Default to 1 – allow users to change it] 
 +  - Weight (set unit of measure flag – KG or LBS) 
 +  - Date (POSSIBLE TO LINK TO AUTO-FIELD – but can override to change) ​
 +  - Time (POSSIBLE TO LINK TO AUTO-FIELD – but can override to change) ​
 +  - Comments ​
 +  - Attachments ​
 +  - PRICE 
 +Produce Goods Received Note form.
 +This information could automatically be filled if the inventory is receiving a shipment dispatched from another inventory using sahana.
 +==== Dispatch Items ====
 +Remove(s) from a specific inventory (This may include multiple items of different types).
 +Produce Waybill form.
 +==== Adjust Items ====
 +Change the Item Balance due to loss/​damage/​theft
 +===== Users =====
 +==== View Inventory Item Ledgers ====
 +==== View Item Movement Reports ====
 +==== Enter Incoming Items (not essential) ====
 +This could be from procurement,​ donations , etc etc
 +This would reduce the data entry when receiving these items
 +==== Request Items from Inventory(not essential) ====
 +This would reduce the data entry when dispatching these items
 +====== Designation and Aggregations ======
 +My understanding of this is that an inventory may contain the same item, but designated to different Recipient/​Project etc etc. This is an important, but complicated feature – especially in respect to items allocated to different Grants (or Budgets) for NGOs.
 +====== Item Catalog ======
 +I am not entirely sure what has already been done to this, but I know that this is difficult.
 +I believe that it is very important that all Warehouse Staff can enter new items, because you very know what things might end up being received into their inventory. ​
 +In the warehouse module which I developed I had big problems, because there was a lack of a standard catalog, and a lack of naming conventions,​ which resulted in a huge number of duplicate names. There is definitely a need to manage all new items which are added, or add search routines to prevent the addition of duplicate items.
 +I think that it is best if we can pre-populate a catalog (based on appropriate items). If an NGO were to start using this for warehouse management, I am sure that they will be able to provide us which item lists for catalogues, although this information will need to be standardized. I have an item list of ~10,000 items from the last NGO I worked for .
 +Item details include:
 +Name (in different languages)
 +Description ​
 +Category (how is this being implemented in Sahana? Also a tricky one to standardize)
 +I also included:
 +Height ​
 +But the were never used!
 +====== Current Inventory Module ======
 +I think that the Inventory Module already has a great deal of the functionality,​ BUT:
 +  * I think that the focus has been around data management, rather than warehouse management ​
 +  * Items are “added” instead of received
 +  * I can’t see the function to dispatch items 
 +  * I can’t see any functionality for producing support documentation such as Waybills or Goods Received Notes
 +  * It seems that 
 +Apologies if I’ve made any mistakes here.
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