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 +====== Pipeline Module ======
 +===== Use Cases  =====
 +==== Add Consignment Items ====
 +Recording Items into the system before they have physically arrived.\\
 +  * Containers in a port.
 +  * Committed donations.
 +  * Items procured overseas by HQ to be shipped
 +==== Transit Inspection ====
 +A record of the physical inspection of a shipment of Items in transit, e.g.
 +  * Someone checks a shipment as it arrives in port (although it has not been received at a WH)
 +  * Someone inspects the items as they are in transit between 2 WHs
 +===== Reports =====
 +==== Pipeline Report ====
 +A report which provides complete end to end visibility and tracking from Source (Donor, Procurement or Other) to Distribution.\\
 +This may include information from the Intake, Procurement and Warehouse.
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