Agasti Joint Mayon and Vesuvius GSOC 2011 Project

Shared Installer for Mayon and Vesuvius

An Accepted Google Summer of Code 2011 Project

Student: W. A. Chinthaka Rukshan Weerakkody

Original Project Concept: Installer and Instance Registration

Platform Vesuvius+Mayon
Mentors Vesuvius - Charles Wisniewski
Preferred communication e-mail to, nick:zelaz (charles)
Brief description Currently there is no installer for Vesuvius. Integrate one for the 1.0 release, using the same technology as Mayon. Add a registration process, of new server reporting to directory server and notification list.
Other resources Developer Docs

Advantages of an Installer for Mayon and for Vesuvius

  • Allows quick set-up or rip-down of demo instances.
  • Encourages outside parties (whether Federal, State, local, NGO, or commercial) who wish to adopt our system but host it themselves, typically to apply their own customizations or integration, beyond what our staff could provide.
  • For such parties, reduces the need for in-house system expertise, manual time-consuming configuration, and/or help solicitation from time-limited CUNY and NLM experts.

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