Module: Skills and Certification

The agSkill module is a component of Mayon that covers the management of skills-based data for human resources. This module is not intended to cover the management of training data, but instead capture only post-training certifications and/or certified skills.

Component Tables

agSkill is comprised of ten component tables. As a relational system, each component table has relations to a number of other tables. These components will be discussed in the following section.


agSkill captures data specific to individual skills that have been approved by the owning organization. This table is not used to capture self-reported skills information (see agRawSkill for more information). The table consists of a minimal set of fields including the name and description of the skill and a boolean flag to determine whether or not the skill will appear in drop-down lists throughout the application.

A sample skill might be something relatively generic such as, 'Basic First Aid Care' or something very specific. These skills should have internal meaning to the organizations using Mayon.


Competencies are user-defined ranks for skills. Each organization may or may not have their own competency ranking system. To meet the needs of differing organizations, the competency values can be used-determined. A numeric priority is also assigned to each competency to allow the user to define the sorting and priority order of each competency. A description field offers users to provide a more verbose description of the competency value and its meaning, and the app_display field controls whether or not the application will show the competency in drop-down lists.

A sample competency chain might be, 'Expert


This table serves as the map between a person and his/her skills data. This is intentionally NOT tied to the staff model as volunteers, and even clients may have relevant skills data. Notable fields include the person id, the skill as identified in agSkill, the competency as found in agCompetency an optional expiry date (since skills may be linked to expiration), and a confirmed flag to indicate whether or not this skill has been confirmed by the operating authority.

It has been suggested, wisely, to add audit information to the confirmation record regarding who confirmed the skill and when the confirmation was made.


Raw skills are largely self-reported skills and, as a result, considered unreliable and unmanageable. They are treated similarly to a tags-style system (existing only as a string) and are collected, largely, from volunteers and/or clients during an event.

Raw skills might be


In the event that an emergency manager wishes to map raw skills back to potential skills, this interim table can be used to foster the equivalence. It consists only of the raw_skill_id and parent skill_id.

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