This page is used to describe a Sahana Agasti project branch. If you have created your own branch to work on the Agasti project, we strongly recommend you register your branch on the Mayon Start Page.

The Basics


Sponsored by the NYC Office of Emergency Management, the City University of New York School of Professional Studies has a team of developers actively contributing to the Agasti 2.0 series. Because of the high commit count and highly experimental nature of this team's code, only the brave should consider using this as a parent branch for their own branches.

How to Contribute

This branch is an automatically updated mirror of a closed branch maintained on-site by the CUNY SPS team. Since its updates are automatic, contributors are urged not to submit merge requests directly against this branch. Rather, contributors are welcome to use this branch as a source for merges but should ultimately target Mayon Trunk. This branch is is also regularly merged with the Mayon Trunk.

Recent Revisions

  • Revision 653 by Chad Heuschober (2011/09/15 20:27)
    Added import hashing.
  • Revision 652 by Chad Heuschober (2011/09/15 16:12)
    Merged in post-irene production code.
  • Revision 651 by Chad Heuschober (2011/08/08 21:41)
    Committed merges from CUNY SPS trunk.
  • Revision 650 by Shirley Chan (2011/03/25 22:07)
    Reverting agFacilityResource table back to its original state where there's no facility_resource_code.
  • Revision 649 by Shirley Chan (2011/03/25 22:05)
    Return staffing info for processing in facility import.
  • Revision 648 by Nils Stolpe (2011/03/25 21:44)
    Removed the unnecessary editgroupSuccess.php Refactored facilityresourceSuccess.php, groupdetailSuccess.php and event actions to not use facility resource code in anticipation of upcoming schema changes.
  • Revision 647 by Nils Stolpe (2011/03/25 20:16)
    Gave the modal modal a real title.
  • Revision 646 by charles wisniewski (2011/03/25 20:03)
    fixed event menu link in, and added title links
  • Revision 645 by Darlene E McCullough (2011/03/25 19:48)
    wiki pages and tooltips
  • Revision 644 by Pradeep Vijayagiri (2011/03/25 19:45)
    added horizontal scroll bar
  • Revision 643 by Pradeep Vijayagiri (2011/03/25 19:34)
    fix: Scenario resource requirements and weird sizing of some buttons.
  • Revision 642 by Nils Stolpe (2011/03/25 19:16)
    Added the 'n' back to 'Event' in facilitygroupsSuccess.php
  • Revision 641 by Pradeep Vijayagiri (2011/03/25 18:58)
    included title for this page
  • Revision 640 by Nils Stolpe (2011/03/25 18:43)
    Added doxygen comments to the agTemplateHelper class.
  • Revision 639 by Pradeep Vijayagiri (2011/03/25 18:32)
    minor change to last commit
  • Revision 638 by Pradeep Vijayagiri (2011/03/25 18:29)
    ignores /frontend_dev.php/ in the url for comparing uri with the value in app.yml
  • Revision 637 by Pradeep Vijayagiri (2011/03/25 18:16)
    undone conflicts
  • Revision 636 by Pradeep Vijayagiri (2011/03/25 16:46)
    1)Included title codes for some files 2)commented width for .config class in main.css
  • Revision 635 by Nils Stolpe (2011/03/25 14:30)
    Fixed the Manage Events link in the menu so it points to [root]/event
  • Revision 634 by charles wisniewski (2011/03/25 13:51)
    indexing for facilities is implemented after the save. comments have been added to ProjectConfiguration
  • Revision 633 by Shirley Chan (2011/03/24 23:38)
    Update facility import to handle both facility_code and facility_resource_code
  • Revision 632 by Nils Stolpe (2011/03/24 21:53)
    Further work done on the modal-modal for setting facility and facility group activation time. The modal modal is currently submitting to the executeFacilityresource action of event/actions. A new route has been added for this action [root]/event/[event-name]/facilityresource/[facility-resource-code] to provide clean and informative URLs to the user. agModal.js has been altered to handle the new functionality and will most likely be ready for abstraction after modal-modals for facility resource and facility group aare complete. $this->xmlHttpRequest = $request->isXmlHttpRequest(); is being used to determine if the incoming request is an XmlHttpRequest in all facility actions that need this information. apps/frontend/lib/form/doctrine/agMultipleEventFacilityResourceActivationTimeForm.class.php has been added to handle setting the activation time of facility resources within a group (this is Charles' original code moved from PluginagEventFacilityResourceActivationTimeForm.class.php). apps/frontend/lib/form/doctrine/agSingleEventFacilityResourceActivationTimeForm.class.php has been added to handle the activation time of a single event facility resource.
  • Revision 631 by charles wisniewski (2011/03/24 20:10)
    work to abstract the installer has begun, yml file is written in Event Staff are also indexed now and searchable through the front end.
  • Revision 630 by Chad Heuschober (2011/03/24 16:39)
    Added links to the correct LGPL license in the project files.
  • Revision 629 by Chad Heuschober (2011/03/24 16:37)
    Added links to the correct LGPL license page and updated package.xml.

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