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Mayon Developers Introduction

Welcome! If you've made your way here you're likely interested in contributing to Sahana Agasti's Mayon branch. As of the last update, Mayon what the Experimental Branch of the Agasti Project. According to the Agasti Release Strategy the newest phase of development on the Agasti project is the “experimental branch”.

“As a new release occurs unstable will become stable, experimental will become unstable, and a new experimental series will be built from the most recent builds of upstream packages.”

Check out the Agasti Release Strategy for complete detail regarding Agasti Project releases.

Getting Started with Mayon

If you're new to Mayon and would like to contribute code the best place for you to start is by setting up an instance of the application to play with. The following sub-sections will outline how to get the most recent experimental version of Mayon set up on your system.

This page outlines the steps required to manually set up your own instance of Agasti 2.0 (Mayon). For those who want a quicker start, please feel free to check our out Developer's Live Disc.

Note: As of the most recent update to this wiki Mayon is the experimental version of Agasti. Mayon is NOT intended for consumer use. If you are looking for a stable version of Agasti please check the Agasti Wiki home page.

Get a Copy of Mayon

Before getting started you'll want to download a copy of the codebase from launchpad. The Mayon codebase can be found here:


In order to get the code on your machine, follow the instructions at the top of the page: bzr branch lp:sahana-agasti

from the command line (or with your windows Bazaar client)

Next, configure your development environment:

Development Environment Setup

SSF and the CUNY SPS team are not able to set up your development environment; however, we do have some guidelines about what you will want to set up and configure for successful contribution to the application. Also, step 3 of the installer checks your configuration to be sure you're ready to install. As outlined in the source:sdk/INSTALL file included in the code base, the installation currently requires the following system configuration to succeed:

  • For the web server:
    • Apache 2.2.14 or later is required.
    • the rewrite module must be enabled, i.e. mod_rewrite.
    • the server needs recursive read/write access to the following directories:
      • config/
      • cache/
      • log/
      • apps/frontend/config/
      • apps/backend/config/
      • data/sql/
      • data/indexes/
      • and read access to: web/
  • For the SQL server:
    • MySQL 5.1.41 or later is required
    • The following configuration must be present:
                # sets default for charset=utf8 for client/connection
                character-set-server    = utf8
                collation-server        = utf8_general_ci

                # sets global sql_mode to enforce NOT NULL and other attribute constraints

                # sets default for charset=utf8 for server/database
                default-character-set   = utf8
  • For PHP:
    • PHP 5.2.12 or better is required, and PHP 5.3 or better is strongly recommended
    • the settings should specify at minimum memory_limit = 256M

These pre-requisites may change in future versions of the application.

Note: If you receive an error on step 3 of Installation and you're unsure how to troubleshoot, check out the Mayon System Configuration Instructions for help.


The application assumes the following: a) you have a database set up b) you have modified config/config.yml with your superuser/superadmin credentials

Navigate to the install page for your local Agasti instance, e.g.:


On the presented form, follow the prompts through installation. If you receive any errors on “Step 3” use the information above to troubleshoot. Continue to follow the prompts (database initialization may take a few minutes) until you're re-directed to create a new admin user.

Potential Errors

Blank page after clicking "Install", or "500" error page:

The file permissions or database permissions are possibly misconfigured. Ensure the web server has proper access to the appropriate files and directories and check your web server error log. Also, ensure the proper version of PHP is installed; please see the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS section.

404 error page

Verify that symbolic links are being followed and that your web server is pointing to the expected directory for the application.

Unable to Log In

Installation instructions are followed properly and all settings configured correctly, but still unable to log into the application with proper credentials:

Clear the Symfony cache with this command, executed from your AGASTI_ROOT:

$ ./symfony cc

and try again.

Still Need Help!

If you have another error, or your issue still isn't resolved, get some help.

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