Mayon Trunk

This page is used to describe a Sahana Agasti project branch. If you have created your own branch to work on the Agasti project, we strongly recommend you register your branch on the Mayon Start Page.

The Basics


This branch is the Agasti project trunk and is used to combine code from many sources and produce releases. If you are considering contributing to the Agasti project, you should consider using this as you parent branch.

How to Contribute

This branch is controlled by the Agasti Mayon Release Team, a group of individuals selected to maintain this branch and ensure that merged code meets the quality and feature standards set forth by the project. Membership to this group is closed, however, those wanting to contribute to this branch may submit their code following the project's standard code submission guidelines.

Recent Revisions

  • Revision 14 by Chad Heuschober (2012/07/09 15:04)
    Small commented line fix
  • Revision 13 by Chad Heuschober (2012/07/09 15:04)
    Merged in fixes from oem branch.
  • Revision 12 by Chad Heuschober (2012/05/26 07:02)
    Fixed missing app.yml
  • Revision 11 by Chad Heuschober (2012/02/17 01:58)
    Merged from internal SPS trunk. 2/2
  • Revision 10 by Chad Heuschober (2012/02/17 01:56)
    Merged from internal SPS trunk. 1/2
  • Revision 9 by Chad Heuschober (2011/09/15 20:30)
    Added latest batch of revisions from CUNY SPS trunk.
  • Revision 8 by Chad Heuschober (2011/06/06 13:37)
    Pulled in most recent batch of changes from the cuny sps trunk.
  • Revision 7 by Chad Heuschober (2011/05/04 18:50)
    Merged in most recent changes from cuny-sps-trunk
  • Revision 6 by Chad Heuschober (2011/03/25 23:30)
    Fixes bug 742838 (cuny merge directive).
  • Revision 5 by Chad Heuschober (2011/03/20 14:18)
    Committing some branding changes to the installer.
  • Revision 4 by Chad Heuschober (2011/03/20 14:10)
    Applying updates from the week of March 14, from the CUNY SPS core team.
  • Revision 3 by Chad Heuschober (2011/03/17 05:57)
    Applies the merge directive found in bug 736622.
  • Revision 2 by Chad Heuschober (2011/03/16 21:16)
    Merged in changes from the cuny builds.
  • Revision 1 by Usman Akeju (2010/12/13 22:16)
    - initial commit; migrating to new branch internally

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