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During 2009-11, New York City’s Office of Emergency Management (NYC OEM) funded the experimental Mayon project, at City University New York (CUNY). The goal was to develop a potential successor to Krakatoa (and as first positioned, a “2.x” successor to Vesuvius), by a thorough reimplementation using Symfony, a well-known PHP framework.

Mayon’s scope (wider than that of Vesuvius) was to address all four stages of Emergency Management as completely as possible, addressing the need for a high-reliability planning application able to handle the sudden load increase of a deployment. The initial development was on emergency response preparedness and planning for formal emergency response organizations and municipalities. These organizations often have complex and varied response scenarios for different types of emergencies; from flooding, to earthquakes, pandemic virus, and man-made emergencies. The human and facility resource management of these plans is vital to their success, and the foundation of the Mayon project.

On 11/30/10 the development trunk for Mayon on launchpad was established. To date, it has not been released as a production product. During a test deployment, the main areas needing further attention were:

  • interfacing with notification system SendWordNow (hampered by an unstable vendor API at the time);
  • considerably faster batch entry of resources.

Further work on Mayon is currently on hold at the request of NYC OEM. If it resumes at CUNY, a fresh development group would be involved.

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  • Under the Sahana Products PMC, a subcommittee for Mayon was set up in June, 2013, chaired by Usman, should this project be re-invigorated.

Archived Agasti Mayon Content as of 2011

Mayon is the experimental edge of the Agasti project. Being developed now on the Symfony framework, Mayon proposes to form around a highly-normalized schema and test-driven development. Mayon's goal is to address all four phases of Emergency Management (Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, & Recovery) as completely as possible, addressing the need for a high-reliability planning application able to handle the sudden load increase of a deployment.

In the Media

Official Announcements on Launchpad

  • Vesuvius recieves its own LP project (2011/07/06 00:56)
    In order to better utilize the services of Launchpad, the Agasti PMC has decided to separate the two Agasti projects into their own respective LP projects. Vesuvius is still undet the Agasti PMC's control, however it is now housed at :
  • Vesuvius 0.9.1 Released! (2011/05/20 23:26)
    Numerous bug fixes, search optimizations, and the lot have gone into this new release of Agasti. The DB schema has changed quite dramatically since 0.9.1, so, you would be better off starting out with a fresh one from /backups/vesuviusStarterDb_v091.sql. Download, enjoy, and report bugs if you encounter them! -Greg
  • Making Mayon (2011/04/18 22:08)
    Agasti PMC Member Darlene, CUNY SPS, and several volunteers have started a mini-marketing campaign entitled Making Mayon ( which will preview aspects of the Agasti Mayon branch as we approach the annual Sahana Software Foundation meeting. You can follow the series as it is released on Mountain Thrower, the unofficial blog of the Agasti Project. (
  • Agasti Project Welcomes a New Chair (2011/04/18 22:05)
    The Sahana Software Foundation Board completed its voting and officially has appointed Chad Heuschober as the new Chair of the Sahana Agasti PMC for the rest of 2011. This is in keeping with the wishes of Greg Miernicki to step down from the position, and the nomination of the Agasti PMC of Chad to be his replacement. Thanks go out to Greg for his service and willingness to lead Agasti to this point. We look forward to his continued activity and leadership as a member of the project.
  • Agasti PMC Welcomes Two New Members (2011/04/07 13:56)
    The Sahana Agasti Project Management Committee welcomes two new members into its ranks, Darlene McCullough and Charles Wisniewski. Both Darlene and Charles have been positive forces in the continued development of this project over the last year and are great additions to the project's leadership. Congratulations go out to both of them. For more information, you can visit the unofficial Agasti blog:
  • Mayon Developer's Live Disc: Updated (2011/03/26 01:00)
    After a week of collecting comments from helpful parties, the Agasti 2.0 Developer's Live Disc has been updated. She's gotten a little heavier with the inclusion of both Doxygen and meld, but we felt both tools were useful to have at this point in the project's progress. Details and updated information regarding this great developer's tool can be found at
  • New Wiki Page on Transactional Processing (2011/03/25 02:24)
    Unless you have a degree in database management, transactional processing might be something you've only heard about but not really used. To help new developers along, we spent a few hours today and built a page outlining the basics of transactional processing in Doctrine. New and old developers alike are encouraged to give it a read and learn about the black art of ACID compliance. To see the article, visit or click the Read More link below.
  • New Mayon Developers Image (2011/03/22 01:01)
    A new Mayon Developer's Image is now available at This is a LiveDVD iso image that can be used in virtualization technologies such as vmware or kvm or can be installed directly. Many thanks to our generous hosts at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab.

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Fun Fact: Mayon is also a volcano, just like all the other versions in the Agasti naming schema. Mount Mayon is well known for it's perfect cone shape.

Developing on Agasti Mayon

Mayon Quick Reference
Coding Language PHP
Framework Symfony
IRC Channel #sahana-agasti
Launchpad Repository
Latest Revision

Getting Started as a Developer

If you're a potential new developer to Mayon you'll want to visit the Mayon Developer Intro page for information for new developers.

… and if you're really impatient, you can grab the Developer's Live Disc and try Mayon right away!

Notable Branches

Because we use the bzr distributed revision control system Agasti Mayon often has more than one branch operating at a time. This can be a little confusing but is also rather powerful because it gives us the opportunity to silo specific development projects. The following branches have been identified as being noteworthy. If you have a branch you're working on, feel free to add it to the list and use the template established for the others.

Branch Owner Purpose Last Revision
Mayon Trunk Agasti Mayon Release Team Project Trunk
CUNY SPS Trunk CUNY SPS Experimental Trunk


While some functionality is yet to be built, the core design of the framework and schema plan include the following. The specifications for some core pieces are yet to be built and please see the launchpad blueprints for the current status of these specifications:

(Note on specifications: all Mayon specs should be based on a simple template. If you're planning a new specification, please use this template to get you started.)


While some functionality has yet to be built, these are the current modules for Mayon:


There are currently no modules that are felt to be feature complete.

In Development

The following modules are undergoing active development:

  • Staff
  • Facility
  • North Eastern United States Geo Plugin
  • Reporting

Other Projects

These are other project initiatives within Mayon:

Reference Information

We also recommend you try some of the following reference materials if you get stuck!

Working with Symfony and Doctrine

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