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Vesuvius Modules Without Support, and Therefore Deprecated

During 2010, the US National Library of Medicine (or its GSoC students) was the only active contributor to the Vesuvius trunk. As of January, 2011, any modules unsupported by NLM have been removed from the trunk. These are considered deprecated, unless some individual or organization wishes to come forward and take responsibility for reviving specific modules. While NLM disinterest was the main reason for deprecation, certain modules had additional reasons, among them:

  • Replacement by another module or modules
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Incompatibility with subsequent changes to database structure or other modules
  • Experimental in nature
  • Limited or unreliable functionality

For a module to be re-included in the trunk, someone must come forth, publicly claim ownership, manually re-merge the module with the trunk, and take responsibility for functionality and quality. Code for deprecated modules remains here on launchpad.

Deprecated Modules from the Krakatoa Release

Deprecated modules (discussed further on the Krakatoa page) are:

  • Home (home) - was required by framework; now, Resources module defines contents of landing page
  • Situation Mapping (aka Situation Awareness) (sm; previously gis)
  • Catalog System (aka Aid Catalog)(cs)
  • Shelter Registry (cr)
  • Inventory Management (ims)
  • Reporting System (rs)
  • Disaster Victim Registry (dvr)
  • Volunteer Management (vm)
  • Synchronization (System)(sync)
  • Organization Registry (or)
  • Messaging Module (aka Message Module or Alerting Module)(msg)
  • Request/Aid Management (rms)

Other Deprecated Modules, Once Part of Vesuvius Trunk

Name/User Manual Abbrev. Brief Description Comments
Aggregator Mashup Portal amp
Biosurveillance bsm This web survey module was developed as part of the Biosurveillance Project
CAP Aggregator cap This module handles incoming 'common alerting protocol' (CAP) disaster event messages. (This is probably different than the 'CAP Alerting' design developed as part of the Biosurveillance Project.)
Camp Management System cms
Disease Surveillance Module dsm
GPS Interface gps
Housing Registry hr
Image Tagger itag
Press and Media Module pnm
Person Registry pr This was an attempt to bridge Eden and Agasti concepts and classes for representing people in Sahana. GSoC 2009. Experimental.
Disaster Preparedness pre
Social Network sn Experimental, limited to date.
Situation Reporting sr Also known as “SITRep”.
Customize Theme theme This provides basic theme control for web page headers/footers and other style elements. This is not a module, but a directory structure/“engine”.

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