Sahana Vesuvius - Tasks for Google Code-in 2012

General instructions for Vesuvius GCI students

Communication guidelines

  • Students are encouraged to join and post questions to the Sahana Agasti mailing list . Please follow community etiquette when posting to the mailing list.
  • Mentors will be available on IRC channel #sahana-agasti. If your mentor/s are not available on IRC, please post any questions you have to the mailing list.

For development tasks, you'll need to carry out the following steps:

Vesuvius installation instructions

Adding Contexts to UI Strings [Category: Development]

Required skills: Some familiarity with editing code files

The Full Support for Multiple Languages project carried out under Google Summer of Code 2012 aimed to add contexts to User Interface strings in Vesuvius to make it easier for translators to identify which translation to apply to each string. However, there are still many strings to which contexts have not been added. It is also required to verify where each string is used in the Vesuvius UI before context is added.

Important Links:

Annotating Images of Faces [Category: QA/Testing]

Required skills: familiarity with a web browser.

Research is going on to develop and improve face-detection and face-matching algorithms. Such computer algorithms may ideally help current and future projects involved with preparedness, disaster response, family reunification, and medical assistance, including Sahana Vesuvius and its manifestation as NLM’s People Locator (PL).

To assist with algorithm training/testing and in establishing “ground truth”, you are asked to annotate images of faces with drawn rectangles, or judge such annotations. A web tool, “ImageStats”, has been built for this, using part of the Vesuvius/PL infrastructure and additional open-source components. Once GCI starts, a customized-for-GCI version will be available at:

Research is going on to improve face-detection and face-matching algorithms, for eventual incorporation into Sahana Vesuvius/PeopleLocator and other projects.

To assist with algorithm training/testing and in establishing “ground truth”, you are asked to annotate images of faces with drawn rectangles. A web tool, “ImageStat”, has been built for this (and a URL will be provided when the customized-for-GCI version is ready). Over 40,000 public images are available, but the work here will be subdivided into GCI-sized tasks.

A typical task would involve approximately 400 images, each of which has one or more faces. For each face, you must ensure that there is an appropriately-placed rectangle around it, with the rectangle’s color marking it as a front or profile view. Some judgement can be involved in both aspects.

For Full Task Description and URL

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