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Accepted Students and Proposals

This table last updated May 15

Student IRC Nickname Project Timezone Affiliation/Location School Status
Ramindu Deshapriya Ramindu Translation: Full Support for Multiple Languages IST = UTC+5:30 Info. Tech., U. of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka 4th year undergrad
Ahmad Alinat Ahmad Export of Information about Those Missing and Found IDT = UTC+3:00 U. of Haifa,Israel 3rd year undergrad

During 2012, there is no daylight savings time adjustment for Sri Lanka, observing India Standard Time (IST).
Time zone for mentors near Washington, D.C.: EDT = UTC-4:00
For Washington and other East Coast US cities, 'Eastern Daylight Savings Time' (EDT) is in effect from March 11-Nov 4th, 2012.

For additional details about these students and projects, follow the associated links in the above table.

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