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[11:02] <glennp> Hi, folks.
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[11:04] <gurutharshan> Hi
[11:04] <Akila> Hi
[11:04] <mayank_jain> Hi!
[11:04] <sneha> Hi!
[11:06] <glennp> I was just editing the project wiki pages, copying the tables from the Ideas pages over, into the Mentor-provided/Spring 2013 sections.  Mainly historical, just to get a start on this, then bring up to date.
[11:10] <glennp> on the phone, excuse me.
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[11:15] <glennp> OK, I'm back.  Cars in the shop, just got a call from the mechanic.
[11:16] <glennp> Anyway, I understand from triune that there was a meeting earlier today about Native Sync
[11:17] <glennp> gurutharshan, were you in  on that?
[11:17] <gurutharshan> huh no
[11:18] <glennp> Maybe it was more about Portable App.  Akila?
[11:18] <Akila> yes
[11:19] <Akila> Ramindu, Chamindra and I had a meeting regarding the portable app today
[11:19] <Akila> will share the details on the mailing list soon
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[11:20] <glennp> Sounds good.  Could you summarize it here in a sentence or two?
[11:22] <Akila> basically stage 1 of the project is to create a copy of the hosted code
[11:22] <Akila> and make a zip file which contains the portable app
[11:22] <Akila> only an admin can create it and download it
[11:23] <Akila> there are some issues with setting a base_uuid for this portable app instance
[11:23] <Akila> current suggestion is to go with the device mac address prepended to parent base_uuid
[11:24] <glennp> Ah, that avoids having to make a custom zip for each download
[11:26] <glennp> I guess the alternative is to ask the user for a unique string
[11:26] <Akila> umm...admin should be allowed to view all created zip files (which will be placed in the tmp folder)
[11:26] <Akila>  - yeah but we need some kind of a relationship with the parent instance during data sync process
[11:27] <glennp> Can different groups of installs have different parents?
[11:28] <Akila> it can be dynamically assigned
[11:29] <Akila> but during data sync there should be some kind of validation procedure
[11:30] <glennp> Heavy-weight like certificates?
[11:31] <louiqa>  sneha and mayank hi have we discussed your projects yet?
[11:31] <Akila> we might have to discuss that with people involved in the native sync project
[11:32] <glennp> Hi louiqa.  Nope, they're up next.  Thanks, Akila.
[11:32] <Akila> sure :)
[11:32] <sneha> louiqa: Actually my end-sem exams are going on, they will get over tomorrow, Dilantha had asked me to wait till then.
[11:33] <louiqa> glennp will try to follow the discussion. i am on another interview call as well so may be distracted.
[11:33] <louiqa> sneha good luck with exams and we can follow up on the mailing list then?
[11:34] <glennp> Good luck on the exams.  Anything further, Sneha, before turning over to Mayank?
[11:35] <sneha> yes, i will startwith the work, tomorrow itself. thanks!
[11:35] <sneha> glennp: no, nothing further.
[11:35] <mayank_jain> Hi! I have started to work on the coding part.. though i have not yet discussed anything with Roshan .. I thought he would be present in the meeting today..
[11:37] <mayank_jain> I will mail approach him via mail..
[11:37] <louiqa> mayank_jain have you had more design discussions with mentors? getting started on coding is good but it will also be good to scope out the project?
[11:38] <mayank_jain> louiqa: Yes.. Actually I meant that I am going through the code .. figuring out what changes are to be made to the current codes..
[11:38] <mayank_jain> No. I haven't yet discussed with Roshan yet
[11:39] <louiqa> mayank_jain we had some initial discussion on the mailing list is there a more detailed blueprint available?
[11:39] <mayank_jain> I was hoping that he will be present today at this meeting..
[11:40] <glennp> Yup, email him.  The initial design is probably good enough to get started.  I'm unsure how well it will work when it comes to the Pootle integration, tho (and might need input from Ramindu)
[11:41] <mayank_jain> louiqa: After discussion with you I updated the project proposal accordingly..
[11:42] <mayank_jain>
[11:42] <louiqa> mayank_jain am on another call now lets follow up by email after i review this google doc?
[11:42] <mayank_jain> This is the link of the final approach for mapping the events to resource pages
[11:43] <mayank_jain> louiqa: Sure.
[11:43] <mayank_jain> glennp: i will mail Roshan and Ramindu for further help ..
[11:44] <glennp> Please add that link to the student-maintained portion of the project wiki page.
[11:44] <akanduru> @glenn: A bit off topic, Is melange blog posts still active. I am not getting any notifications on that. Does that mean nobody is posting or notification is disabled?
[11:45] <glennp> I don't know the answer to that.
[11:45] <mayank_jain> glennp: Do we have permissions to make edits to the wiki page?
[11:46] <glennp> In theory, all students can make edits to the wiki pages.
[11:47] <glennp> Ramindu posted: Please register for an account on the Sahana Wiki and send a request to this thread with your username so that Mark can give you access to edit your particular GSoC project pages.
[11:47] <mayank_jain> Yeah! I registered on the wiki. Waiting for Mark's permission.
[11:48] <akanduru> Don't mean to interrupt the flow. Perhaps we will discuss melange posting at the end.
[11:49] <glennp> akanduru: whether notification is still on is something maybe Mark or Michael would know.  I'm not a big fan of using melange for much beyond the minimum required.
[11:51] <glennp> The last notification I got was 5-31, when you posted about ImageStats
[11:52] <akanduru> So it is still active. I didn't get that notification, perhaps I am the author.
[11:53] <glennp> That's right, it doesn't auto-gen a copy for authors
[11:55] <glennp> Try following up with Mohit by email to the lists or directly.
[11:57] <glennp> Mayank, thanks.  Just bringing in triune, gurutharshan now...
[11:58] <glennp> That's for Native Sync
[11:58] <gurutharshan> thanks glenn, I have started the coding with web service calls for the person data..
[11:59] <triune> how are the new classes coming along?
[12:00] <triune> i sort of thought that classes would be the first part of the project with the web services coded later after all the web services were clearly defined in a design doc
[12:00] <gurutharshan> ya that i'm gonna do next
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[12:02] <glennp> How many classes to cover the person data (approximately)
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[12:03] <gurutharshan> i have to clarify that wht happen if the other end doesn't have particular disaster event..?
[12:03] <triune> synchronization will be setup/maintained/configured via the event manager
[12:04] <triune> by default
[12:04] <triune> nothing will sync
[12:04] <triune> you will open an event, and then select that you want to synchronize it with another instance
[12:04] <triune> providing the url of the other instance in the event manager
[12:04] <glennp> needs to be a way to map between two names for the same event (a common problem with disaster systems)
[12:04] <triune> for instance:
[12:05] <gurutharshan> k
[12:05] <triune> we are going with the approach and configuration that pfif has
[12:05] <triune> to keep it simple
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[12:06] <triune> gurutharshan: i know you are using the public branch of vesuvius and i need to provide you with some updated code for a few modules
[12:06] <triune> i will be sending these to you by the end of the week
[12:06] <glennp> So the source disaster name is that in the URL, but it could be different than the event name locally?
[12:06] <gurutharshan> k..
[12:07] <triune> glennp: the url use the event shortname
[12:07] <gurutharshan> and whr i want to commit my codes. does it in my branch..?
[12:07] <triune> this is what defines the namespace of the event in the url
[12:07] <triune> so, we will use that for syncrhonization purposes, like the pfif url having a key
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[12:08] <glennp> OK for a start
[12:08] <triune> gurutharshan: yes, you will just drop these new modules' code in to replace what is in your branch and continue to commit/push with them
[12:09] <gurutharshan> k
[12:09] <Akila> is security a concern in the sync process?
[12:10] <triune> of course
[12:10] <triune> this is why the sahana.conf file should have an api key to use for the sync process
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[12:11] <triune> this is how pfif sync works as well, google provides us a key and then we can access their event namespaces
[12:11] <triune> w/o the kay, we cannot auth
[12:11] <triune> *key
[12:11] <glennp> And it needs to go over https
[12:12] <Akila> https + api key encryption?
[12:12] <triune> vesuvius will run on http or https
[12:12] <triune> if u want to be secure, you will use https
[12:12] <Akila> I'm still trying to figure out how to use https in portable app
[12:12] <triune> we won't force this on users tho for instance if they want to setup an instance on their local laptop
[12:13] <triune> or on a portable app version of vesuvius
[12:13] <triune> u wont want to setup an https certificate
[12:13] <triune> too much work
[12:13] <triune> but the trade off ism you are less secure
[12:13] <Akila> not a good idea to copy the same key over multiple portable instances
[12:14] <glennp> that's true
[12:14] <triune> in the scope of this project this summer
[12:14] <triune> having a single api key in the conf file will suffice
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[12:14] <triune> later, we will come up with an additional module or addon to the event manager to manage keys
[12:14] <triune> but thats not as important as making sure sync works in all cases
[12:15] <triune> so, start with something like $conf['sync_api_key'] = '1234'; in sahana.conf for now
[12:16] <Akila> okay
[12:16] <triune> Akila: are you and gurutharshan working on this together?
[12:16] <glennp> might be more in the scope of Portable App this summer, than Native Sync
[12:16] <triune> most of these instructions are for him ;)
[12:17] <triune> lets not confuse these projects
[12:17] <triune> they are two separate tasks
[12:17] <Akila> I'll have to integrate native sync module in the portable app for sync process
[12:17] <triune> i dont think Akila should be worried about native sync at all
[12:17] <triune> Akila: yes, perhaps after the summer is over ;)
[12:18] <Akila> okay :D
[12:18] <glennp> Good to think about these issues tho
[12:19] <triune> Akila: sync is a setup in the event manager
[12:19] <triune> it really has nothing to do with the portable app
[12:20] <Akila> well portable instances will have to sync with their parent instances
[12:20] <triune> sync is just a module which should function like any other module
[12:20] <triune> Akila: yes
[12:20] <triune> but they are configured just like a stand alone server like PL
[12:21] <glennp> Depends on how much help to configuration the Portable App install process must do.
[12:21] <gurutharshan> but in that case we have to have more info to sync, in Native Sync we only sync pfif data..rite??
[12:21] <triune> i dont think portable app is coming up with an installer per say
[12:22] <triune> so, i doubt it will have a setup wizard, is that true Akila ?
[12:22] <Akila> glennp: what do you mean by portable app install process?
[12:22] <Akila> it is just a exe file, just double click it and you have Vesuvius running in the browser
[12:22] <Akila> please check the portable app I shared on the mailing list
[12:24] <glennp> OK, I was thinking the portable app would "know" its a portable app, and so could behave differently.  Maybe that's not so.
[12:24] <triune> just as i expected, so configuration and management of events and sync process is just like a stand alone server managed after the instantiation
[12:25] <triune> all the more case for akila not to worry much about native sync ;)
[12:25] <gurutharshan> :)
[12:25] <Akila> yep, true :D
[12:25] <Akila> sorry if I took the conversation off the topic
[12:26] <triune> gurutharshan: we will only sync serialzed php objects, native sync is based on the native data objects, right? i thought we discusses that pfif is not a part of this before
[12:27] <gurutharshan> yes sorry about that its totally person object with history..
[12:27] <glennp> As triune indicates, PFIF is just an analogy to how the process would work, not the precise object model to be used
[12:29] <glennp> It is hard to keep this all straight ... a lot of projects this summer.
[12:29] <glennp> Anyone else?
[12:29] <triune> which is why as a mentor, i'm only concerned with a single project and available as a technical advisor on the second ;)
[12:30] <glennp> Wise, very wise.  :->
[12:31] <triune> gurutharshan: you may need to devise a workflow diagram that shows the data flow between the 2 instances and what is being sent of the wire (not the specific data elements, but at a higher level, like person123 or revisionHistory123, etc)
[12:32] <triune> and as for the web services
[12:32] <triune> please take a look at
[12:32] <triune> this is how we documented our current web services
[12:33] <triune> i would like to see you clearly define what your services are going to look like before you begin coding them
[12:33] <gurutharshan> ok i'll have a look
[12:33] <glennp> All: I see Mark has just gotten back with student wiki permissions.  Please do add pointer to your current docs there.
[12:34] <triune> this wil save you time in case we are not on the same page for what the services themselves will do
[12:37] <triune> any other questions gurutharshan ?
[12:38] <gurutharshan> nop i'll update my design for message passing..
[12:38] <glennp> Thanks, gurutharshan, and everyone.  I'm getting the big hunger now, so let's wrap it now.  Same time next week.
[12:39] <glennp> bye
[12:39] <Akila> bye
[12:39] <gurutharshan> bye
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