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All were on #sahana-meeting unless indicated otherwise.

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Students Who Submitted Vesuvius/Kilauea Proposals

This table last updated May 6. [to be archived soon] A fuller profile of each student will be seen their Melange application. Row order is random.

Student IRC Nickname Proposal Area Timezone Affiliation/Location School Status
Sneha Bhattacharya Demo Instances, Widget IST Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata, India CSE undergrad, 3rd year
Tharindu Madushanka Peirs tharindu99 Portable App, Demo Instance IST U Colombo School of Computing/Sri Lanka CS undergrad, 2nd year (of 3 or 4)
Mayank Jain Disaster-Specific Pages IST Language Technology Research Centre, IIIT Hyderabad/India dual: 3rd year CS Eng, towards Btech Honors, MS in NLP
Vishesh S. Hiremath theVISHESHone Installer, Widget IST Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology (Sir MVIT), Bangalore/India 3rd Year undergrad, Info Science Eng
Gurutharshan Nadarajah [“Guru”] Native Sync IST U Moratuwa/Sri Lanka CS&Eng undergrad, final year
Kaushika Rukshan Athukorala Vesuvius/Kilauea Merge IST U Moratuwa/Sri Lanka IT undergrad
Fabio Jr. Beneditto Native Synch, Installer UTC-2* U Feevale/Brazil (50km from Porto Alegre, RS) graduation student
Akila Perera Portable App, Widget IST U Colombo School of Computing/Sri Lanka undergrad
Mohit Aggarwal ImageStats IST IIT Delhi/India 2nd year undergrad, CS B.Tech
Stanislav Rassvetalov hereticgod Installer EEST Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian Nat'l U Automation, 4 of 5 yrs
Malaka Gallage mpgallage Vesuvius: Mobile IST U Moratuwa/Sri Lanka CS&Eng, 3rd year of 4

*During summer, when daylight savings time is in effect.
During 2013, there is no daylight savings time adjustment for Sri Lanka, observing India Standard Time (IST)= UTC+5:30.
EEST = Eastern European Summer Time Zone = UTC+3
Time zone for mentors near Washington, D.C.: EDT = UTC-4:00
For Washington and other East Coast US cities, 'Eastern Daylight Savings Time' (EDT) is currently in effect.

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