Vesuvius Project Ideas - Google Summer of Code 2014

Completion of Vesuvius-Kiluea Merge

Mentor-Provided Section

Pre-Proposal Idea Description, 1st Q 2014

Knowledge required: PHP, MySQL, JQuery/Javascript

Sahana Kilauea is a product used in conjunction with Sahana Mayon by the City of New York. However, as this is merely a flavor of Vesuvius, we need to merge in the modules from Kilauea in to Vesuvius to create a single complete product. The initial work for this was accomplished during GSoC 2013, however, we need it to be completed and polished off this year. The action items associated with this project are:

  • Analysis of Kilauea and the Vesuvius/Kilauea merge branch to derive what is missing from the merge branch
  • Identify discrepancies that could occur in the database due to the merge
  • Bring in any missing functionality from Kilauea to the merge branch
  • Developer testing for the merged modules

GSoC 2013 Project :Vesuvius/Kilauea Merge

Mentors : Yasitha Pandithawatta, Ramindu Deshapriya

Student-Provided Section

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