Vesuvius Project Ideas - Google Summer of Code 2014

Running Vesuvius on Portable Devices

Mentor-Provided Section

Pre-Proposal Idea Description, 1st Q 2014

Knowledge required: Android, Apache

Modern smart devices are capable of running an Apache web server instance without any problems. With the additional functionality of being able to host a wireless network, this give the ability to use mobile devices as portable web servers. This is extremely useful in the context of disaster response and management.

We would like to initially build an Android app which deploys an Apache + MySQL stack on top of an Android device and runs Vesuvius on top of it.

The following high-level steps have been identified:

  • Research into deploying Apache + MySQL on top of Android
  • Research in to running PHP + MySQL on top of Apache deployed on Android
  • Development based on research
  • Running Vesuvius with mod_rewrite and other configuration options enabled on top of an Android device
  • Hosting a publicly-accessible Vesuvius server instance which can be accessed via wireless

Mentors : Akila Perera, Ramindu Deshapriya

Student-Provided Section

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