Vesuvius Google Summer of Code 2014

Vesuvius will once again be mentoring projects for GSoC. For newbies to the project:

Students with Awarded Vesuvius Proposals (including Kilauea)

These tables last updated April 22. Follow the “Project Page” link for more about each project. A fuller profile of each student will be seen in their Melange application. Row order is random.

Project Page Student's Proposal Title Student Mentor(s)
Installer Vesuvius Installer Completion Chanaka Dharmarathna Ramindu Deshapriya
Merge GSoC 2014 - Completion of Vesuvius-Kilauea Merge Kaushika Rukshan Athukorala Yasitha Pandithawatta
GIS GIS Module for Sahana - DMU Sri Lanka Milindu Sanoj Kumarage Ramindu Deshapriya, Roshan Hewapathirana
ImportWiz Import Wizard for Missing and Found Persons Mayank Jain Glenn Pearson
Portable Deploying Vesuvius on Android Devices Viduranga Akila Ravihansa Perer
Student IRC Nickname Timezone Affiliation/Location School Status
Chanaka Dharmarathna chanaka777 IST Open University/Colombo, Sri Lanka Part-time degree
Kaushika Rukshan Athukorala kaushikaruk IST Faculty of Information Technology, U. Moratuwa/Sri Lanka 4th year (of 4) BSc. IT (Hons)
Milindu Sanoj Kumarage agentmilindu IST U. Colombo School of Computing/Sri Lanka 2nd year (of 4) Computer Science
Mayank Jain mayank_jain IST Intl. Institute of Info. Tech. (IIIT), Hyderabad/India 4th year (of 5), dual degree: B Tech Honors + MS in CS
Viduranga Viduranga IST Faculty of Information Technology, U. Moratuwa/Sri Lanka 3rd year undergrad

Time Zones of Interest
IST is 'India Standard Time' = UTC+5:30. Sri Lanka observes IST, without a daylight savings time adjustment.
EDT is 'Eastern Daylight Savings Time' = UTC-4:00. It is the time zone currently in effect for mentors near Washington, D.C. (and other East Coast US cities like New York).

(FYI - Awarded Eden Proposals)

Proposal Student Mentor(s)
Enhancing the Sahana-Eden CAP broker for Multi-agency Situational Awareness Ambar Mehrotra Pat Tressel
Chat In Sahana Eden Arnav Kumar Agrawal
Functional test suite using robot framework Arnav Sharma Dominic König
Deployment Tools for Sahana Eden Gaurav Narula Fran Boon
Crisis Map on Sahana Eden Platform Hemant Kumar Singh Fran Boon
Sahana Sunflower Somay Jain Michael Howden

Guidance to Students - Weekly Status Update Reports

In Conjunction with the IRC Chat

We expect you to submit a weekly update on your project, either as two reports just before and after each weekly meeting on IRC, or a combined reported afterwards. The submission of these reports on time and in detail are considered in your evaluations. Do send an update even if you can’t attend the chat (and if you know you’re going to miss the chat, let us know in advance).

A general guideline on what to include before the IRC would be:

  • Any requirements you've fulfilled during the past week
  • Progress on completion of the goals you set last week

After the IRC chat, include:

  • A summary of the discussion on your project during the meeting
  • One or more tangible goals (“deliverables”) to be achieved by next week

The reports should be sent as email to (aka maindev). You are also encouraged to copy them as a “post” (with date) to your project wiki page (or child or linked doc thereof). While such reports are usually not lengthy, if they are, you can provide the content in the wiki or external doc, and merely send an email announcing the update with the link.

Please prepend your subject lines with [GSoC Your Project Name Here], using something short and precise for your project name (e.g., “Merge Project” for the Vesuvius/Kilauea merge). Maintain a single e-mail thread for all your reports.

IRC Chats

Next Chat

Interested Students and Mentors involved with Vesuvius/Kilauea -

Join our IRC chat on #sahana-meeting channel on Thursdays (unless otherwise indicated). Time: 15:00-16:00+ UTC, 11am–noon+ EDT, 8:30–9:30+ pm IST

So Far [TO DO]

All were on #sahana-meeting unless indicated otherwise. Most often DJ'd by ramindu, with help from other mentors.
For early pre-award IRC chats, see “Additional Information” further below.

Date and Times, with Link to Log Students Participating
[EXAMPLE]Tuesday, May 28 (16:00-17:10 UTC, noon–1:10 pm EDT, 9:30–10:40 pm IST) All

Additional Information

See the GSoC 2014 - Archive of Vesuvius/Kilauea Pre-Award Information for:

  • early IRC chats (before April)[to do]
  • proposals submitted by students, by idea category (includes Vesuvius, Eden, Other tables)
  • idea list, including ideas not awarded this year, but maybe pursued in the future
  • application template

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