The Modules of Vesuvius

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The tables below broadly delineate the modules of Vesuvius and provide an estimate of their maturity. At the overview level of description here, the tables generally apply to all versions (e.g., Vesuvius Trunk packaged, Vesuvius Trunk latest, and NLM People Locator) unless indicated otherwise. There may be more divergence with Kilauea. Modules within NLM's People Locator have been developed and supported as part of the NLM Lost Person Finder project.

Icon Definitions, used in the Tables Below

Stage of Development (as of 1st Q 2012):

Icon Meaning
stable_most_dev_done_.jpg Stable, only minor development on-going
Under active development
new_unstable.jpg New & unstable
An idea for the coming year

Required versus Optional:

required.jpg Required

Other Attributes:

Includes cron-job daemon, init service, or 3rd-party engine
Separate install from Vesuvius


Derived from a Sahana-sponsored Google Summer of Code 2011 project
gsoc.jpg Derived from a Sahana-sponsored Google Summer of Code 2010 or earlier project
krakatoa.jpg Successor to a Krakatoa module of the same name.*
Module specific to and deployed in NLM People Locator
Module developed by NLM but not deployed at this time

* Vesuvius modules may have more and different features and capabilities than what are described in the Krakatoa table of User Guides. Beyond those modules indicated by this icon, many modules have some design or code influence from earlier Sahana versions.


Available modules are given by their formal names, as well as their technical abbreviations, sometimes helpful to know.

Name Abbrev. Req? Brief Description Stage Comments
Administration admin required.jpg This allows initial and on-going system configuration and control. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg krakatoa.jpg
User Preferences pref required.jpg This permits user-specific settings. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg krakatoa.jpg
XML Streaming Module xst required.jpg Allows streaming of XML content. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg krakatoa.jpg
Arrivals arrive AJAX modue to watch the realtime influx of persons. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg
LPF Class Library lpf required.jpg This defines PHP classes used by multiple modules. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg Needed most notably by arrive, eap, em, eq, ha, inw, mpres, plus, pop, pref, rap, report, rez
Hospital Administration ha required.jpg This allows hospital administrators/emergency managers to enter & edit organizational & event data. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg v2.0 completed recently with a snazzy new ajax appearance
Search inw required.jpg (Interactive Notification Wall) This offers search and display capabilities (including filtering and dynamic update) for missing and found persons reported from multiple sources (desktop web, mobile web, PFIF repository, TriagePic, ReUnite app) as replacement) to the old MPR module's search function. Projected work involves search improvement by integration with Lucene/SOLR search engine; more flexible filters.
MPR Email Service mpres The Missing Person Registery Email Service parses incoming information about missing & found people from TriagePic (Windows), ReUnite (iPhone), and semi-structured (vanilla) email. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg Supplements the work of Person Object Provider (pop).
Person Locator User Services plus Provides SOAP Document Literal web services, to support ReUnite, TriagePic, and other applications that wish to report or consume data from Vesuvius. In constant fdevelopment lately :
Event Manager em required.jpg This allows a hospital admin or Sahana admin to define and geolocate disasters/incidents/events. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg
Resources rez required.jpg This defines the content of the home and other web pages. It supports largely static web pages of information, arranged hierarchically, by a mini-content-management-system. HTML content is stored in the database, with a simple editor for the content provider. Currently building out multi-language support, for context-rich whole-page translations (rather than Pootle-style phrase translation).
Snapshot module snap This allows backup and restore of database instances, provided they are under 200MB. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg Requires admin privileges.
Post Office Provider pop required.jpg This handles outbound email. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg Takes over some of the 2009 functionality of mpres namely outbound email.
Report report required.jpg This is based on and supersedes mpr's 'report a person'. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg Simply creates a 'stub' person record which is then handed off to EAP to edit.
Edit a Person eap required.jpg For a previously-reported person, whose record is retrieved, this allows revision or expansion. One view will support the use case of hospital personnel correcting data originally received from TriagePic. Based on and supercedes part of mpr.
Edit a Person 2 edit required.jpg A complete re-write of the above EAP module using AJAX and DAO class objects provided by the LPF module. Will incorporate a myriad of new features. new_unstable.jpg Based on and supercedes EAP once complete.
Flash Camera Picture Taking cam Using Flash/Shockwave technology, this allows controlled capture of a photo from a webcam. Based on earlier Sahana framework code, modularized.
Expiry Queue eq This allows the management of record expiration requests made by users without sufficient privileges to manually expire records. new_unstable.jpg Intended for admins.
Abuse Queue aq This allows the management of reported abuse cases. new_unstable.jpg Intended for admins.
Statistics stat For a particular event, this will provide all-person data in tabular and graphical form, categorized by time, status, and other features. new_unstable.jpg Analogous to hospital dashboard displays, it will offer cumulative and time-based views.
TriagePic Module tp This exposes a face for the download of the TriagePic application for hospital personnel. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg
People Finder Information Format pfif This supports supervision of data import/export in PFIF 1.2, 1.3 formats with accompanying photos. stable_most_dev_done_.jpg Some of this functionality was previously within mpr.

Third-Party Libraries Needed by Vesuvius

Name Version (as of Jan 2012) From Separate Install? Dependent Modules Comments
ADODB 5.14 Included required by framework
BrowserCaps 0.7 Included required by framework
Feedwriter Included required by PFIF module
HTML Purifier 4.3.0 Included required by framework
NuSOAP 0.9.5 Included required by PLUS module
PHP-Console 1.1 Included optional for debugging purposes
PHPMailer 5.1 Included required by POP module
SOLR optional search enhancement for INW module
XAJAX 0.2 Included required by framework
ffmpeg v0.6+ required by LPF module

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