Pootle-Reintegration and Multilingual Support

An Accepted Google Summer of Code 2011 Project

Student: Ramindu Deshapriya

Mentor: Glenn Pearson (domain) (NLM)

Original Project Concept: "Reintegrate Pootle Translations"

Platform Vesuvius
Mentors Glenn Pearson
Preferred communication Initially, e-mail to
Brief description Pootle is an independent methodology for enabling and managing the distributed quick translations of software into multiple languages. It is particularly apt for short prompt words and enumerations, where context is not too important. The codebase used in Vesuvius has drifted away from the use of Pootle, instead working towards “Resource Page” infrastructure for custom pages per-event/per-language. This should work well for high-quality full-page translations, particularly when only a limited number of languages are involved. These two approaches can be seen as complimentary. This project thus involves re-invigorating the use of Pootle, and integrating it with the Resource Page system, to benefit content producers and translators.
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