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The Agasti Project is currently in it's early stages of development and more developers are welcome. Whether you're a veteran of the FOSS community or fresh out of school, there's a part of Agasti that's for you.

Getting Started

First, you'll want to sign up for the Sahana Community Mailing Lists (and be sure to join the Agasti list}. Our mailing lists are great sources for asking questions, finding development events to attend, and building community.

Next, join us on Freenode. Sahana developers are available on FreeNode channel #sahana and #sahaha-agasti to help you get started, or just to talk about what we're all working on.

And, of course, you'll want to pull down and set up the code base for the branch you intend to work on. A bit more about branches and their series:

Agasti Series

In the Agasti project the versions in development are known as “Series”, as per our release strategy. The current active series are:

The recent depreciated series is Krakatoa.

Current Projects

This is a place holder for projects that have easy buy in and enough general understanding in the community for new devs to start up on.

IRC Transcripts (temporary)

2011 #sahana-agasti chat log

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