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   * [[agasti:mayon:start|Mayon]]   * [[agasti:mayon:start|Mayon]]
-====== Volunteering for Mayon ====== +====== Volunteering for Agasti ====== 
-Volunteers to Sahana Agasti's Mayon branch of all kinds are welcome; however, we're currently have the greatest need for:+Volunteers to Sahana Agasti project of all kinds are welcome; however, we're currently have the greatest need for:
   * [[agasti:welcome#code_contributor|Code Contributors]]   * [[agasti:welcome#code_contributor|Code Contributors]]
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 ===== Quality Assurance and Testing ===== ===== Quality Assurance and Testing =====
 +Quality Assurance and Testing spans a wide variety of activities from clicking through the application and adding to the bug list, to constructing customized tests for the application.  In general, Quality Assurance volunteers will want to have:
 +  * Exploratory Testing
 +  * Basic selenium tests
 +  * Knowledge of static analysis tools to identify files in need of refactoring
 ===== Writers and Documenters ===== ===== Writers and Documenters =====
 +Documentation contributors do not need technical knowledge or background; just a desire to learn about the application and proficient writing skills.  Later, when we begin localizing and customizing the Agasti projects more technical knowledge will be helpful, but it is not required.
 +Documentation Skills:
 +  * Proficient written English
 +  * Basic wiki knowledge (or proficient Google skills for reference information)
 ===== System Administrator ===== ===== System Administrator =====
 +Ideally, System Administrators would be available and familiar with Agasti projects to assist potential end user administrators.  Also, System Administrators with experience using FOSS applications and their installation would be very helpful for testing and feedback.
 ====== IRC Transcripts (temporary) ===== ====== IRC Transcripts (temporary) =====
 [[01/20/2011]] #sahana-agasti chat log [[01/20/2011]] #sahana-agasti chat log

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