As the Agasti wiki expands we'll strive to keep a highly functional, easy-to-use wiki. Until it's fleshed out, we'll maintain a list of “to-dos” here with links to where the work is to be done.

Please help keep this list current and expand it as you go. Delete anything you've completed and, ideally, when all the work is done we can delete this page.

Current To Do

Divided by branch:


  • Create help page: help
  • Create landing page for QA home: qa
  • Create landing page for Agasti Deployments (should list them and link to deployments namespace): deployments
  • Create Agasti Overview page with detailed information for potential users: overview


  • Transfer module instructions to Krakatoa page: krakatoa
  • Create brief description of each module in krakatoa
  • Create “getting started” section for Krakatoa with Idiots Guide: krakatoa


  • Flesh out “For Users” section with more detailed instruction: vesuvius
  • Create brief description of each module in vesuvius. (It is projected that such descriptions of Krakatoa/Vesuvius modules will later be used in the Module Manager & App Store.)


  • Fill in information on Agasti:start page: x_mayon
  • Create landing page with general Mayon information: mayon
  • Fix schema so that it links to a most recent image/schema

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