Sahana Community IRC Chat

If you wish to chat with the Sahana project community in real-time, to get more information about the project and its use, you are welcome to join one of our community IRC channels located on Freenode (

  • #Sahana : for general Sahana developer or user support from the community (starting point for most discussions)
  • #Sahana-Meeting : for scheduled Sahana meetings
  • #Sahana-Agasti : for Sahana Agasti-specific developer discussions
  • #Sahana-Eden : for Sahana Eden-specific developer discussions
  • #Sahana-GIS : for Sahana GIS-specific discussions

Connect to Sahana chatroom here via webchat

This is a link to a web-based chat which allows access to these chat rooms without needing an IRC client. To enter the room, please give yourself a nickname and specify the #sahana or other channel you wish to join then click CONNECT to join the chatroom.

Note It is useful to simply 'Ask' a question directly, giving enough context to the issue to permit people to answer, (there is no need to 'Ask to Ask'). Chat is a medium where people 'idle' in the channel a lot of the time as they are busy with other tasks, so give them a few minutes to respond when they notice the question on the channel.

Logs are available for the following channels:

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