Sahana Google Summer of Code 2011

The Sahana Community Development Committee would like to welcome everyone to the 2011 Sahana Google Summer of Code and is excited to be a mentoring organization in 2011. Sahana has successfully been a part of the Google Summer of Code every year from 2006 through 2010. These involvements have been very effective in building both the project and the community, so we are looking forward to having another productive year as well.

Awarded Students, Projects, and Mentors

Congratulations to our accepted GSOC students!

For Sahana Eden

"Save Search and Subscription [EDEN]" - Pratyush Nigam

"Web Setup [Eden]" - Anubhav Aggarwal

For Sahana OCR + Eden

"Sahana Eden OCR Integration" - Shiv Deepak

For Sahana Vesuvius (DC/NLM)

"Pootle Re-Integration" - Ramindu Deshapriya

For Sahana Vesuvius + Mayon

"Creating Installation Process for Vesuvius" - W. A. Chinthaka Rukshan Weerakkody

  • Primary mentor: Charles Wisniewski for Mayon. Secondary mentor: Greg Miernicki for Vesuvius.
  • Suggested subject-prefix tag for weekly update on “[sahana-discuss][GSOC Install]”
  • Weekly IRC: Part of Agasti weekly chat, Thursday 12pm EDT on #sahana-agasti

For Sahana Mayon (NYC/CUNY)

"RESTful Web Services Integration" - Fabio Albuquerque

Information for our GSOC Students

Google's expectations and guidelines

Instructions on how to participate in the Google Summer of Code are available from the main GSOC site which is used for managing the program. The FAQ provides a lot of useful information about the program and how it works. Please also review the terms of service and the timeline. Students should subscribe to the appropriate GSOC discussion lists.

Sahana's expectations and guidelines

How to connect with the Sahana community

The best way to reach our community and designated mentors for support and questions is through our main discussion e-mail list. We invite all students to please subscribe to We use IRC as the main channel of live communication and support. Our main chat room is #sahana on freenode ( For those without a chat client, freenode has a web-based chat page. You can visit the Sahana Community IRC page for more information. Please send any questions you may have and please identify yourself as a GCI particpant and you will be warmly received.

Our wiki will contain all updated information about the Sahana Software Foundation's GSOC program here on our main Sahana 2011 Google Summer of Code page, as well as general information about Sahana and our work. All announcements will be made on the wiki, through our discussion list, and/or on the Sahana Software Foundation website.

For more information: Contact Sahana's Google Summer of Code Program Administrators at gsoc at sahanafoundation dot org

On-going Mentor Responsibilities

Experienced Sahana contributors, both developers and domain experts, and including former Sahana GSOC students, are serving as mentors. Ideally, there will be two mentors to every project - a primary technical mentor (an experienced Sahana developer) and a backup who may be a domain expert or another technical resource - which helps balance the time commitment required to be able to effectively contribute.

  • Mentors are responsible for reviewing & merging student code & maintaining it after the end of GSOC.

See SSF GSOC Mentor Responsibilities for more information.

How We Prepared for This Year's GSoC

During the spring of 2011, experienced Sahana folks offered preparatory suggestions and guidance on this wiki and elsewhere to potential student applicants.

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