RHoK 2

RHoK is a lot of things: a Hack-a-Thon, a community building event, and a chance to bring “software engineers together with disaster risk management experts to identify critical global challenges, and develop software to respond to them.” (from http://www.rhok.org/about/what-is-random-hacks-of-kindness/ ,which has tons of information about what RHoK is). RHoK has honoured Sahana by including us in RHoK #2 and give us a chance to build out our communities as well as our applications.

Post-event we can use this space to share our thoughts, feelings, take-aways, cool new tricks, and ideas for next time.

Problem Definitions

“Problem Definitions” are the core of RHoK. Experts in Emergency Management as well as project & software experts work together to come up with 'problems'; challenges that Emergency Managers face on the ground in a real emergency. They then translate those problems into challenges for developers to solve through technology.

Some challenges are selected as “featured hacks” and become the competition at the core of RHoK. (Did we mention there are prizes?)

RHoK #2 Problem Definitions

The Problem Definitions for RHoK #2 are listed here: http://wiki.rhok.org/Category:Problem_Definitions_RHoK2.0

Some are Sahana-specific. Some are:


A list of the planned participants (according to this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LH-FhX5ZWZhi5Nqh18gUUeRiiRPFu9lxZfkFQe_rMpY/edit?hl=en)

Name RHOK Site
Mark Prutsalis New York
Fran Boon Birmingham
Darlene McCullough New York
Usman Akeju New York
Charles Wisniewski New York
Pat Tressel Seattle
Ralph Morelli New York
Trishan de Lanerolle New York
Chad Heuschober New York

Please add yourself if you'll be joining us.

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