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Community Development Committee

Our ability to implement a comprehensive human capital strategy to attract, retain, reward, and motivate such individuals is fundamental to the long-term success of our Foundation. The Community Development Committee serves to coordinate SSF efforts to foster relationships with organizations and institutions that produce new Sahana developers and active community members and serves to recruit, retain and reward Sahana Software Foundation members and other contributors. The membership for the Community Development Executive Committee is composed of a Board appointed member; a member appointed to represent each Sahana PMC appointed by the Chair of each PMC; and two members selected by and from the Sahana Membership.

See the current members of this committee.

Community Development Committee Meetings

The Community Development Committee will meet monthly to discuss ideas, form action plans and review progress on our efforts to nurture and grow the Sahana community. Agendas will be published in advance of the meeting and notes will be published, linked from this wiki page. All are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. Reminders about upcoming calls and notification that minutes have been published will be sent to the Community and Discuss mailing lists. For more information on how to subscribe to these lists or view the past messages sent to them in the list archives, please visit the mailing lists wiki page.

Community Development Committee Meeting Minutes

Community Meeting Calendar

Code of Conduct

Community Call

For details see Sahana Community Call Page.

Community Development Projects

Please see the following pages for more information on the Community Development Committee's current projects and resources:

Google Code-In Home

Google Summer of Code Home

Diversity Working Group

Sahana's collaborative programs with Trinity HFOSS

Sahana Community Mailing lists

Random Hacks of Kindness

Sahana IRC Community Chat Page

Get started as a Sahana Software Foundation volunteer!

Please contact with any questions or to request that a page be added to the community: wiki.

Volunteer Positions with the Sahana Software Foundation

As a global organization, the Sahana Software Foundation is dependent on highly-skilled individuals who specialize in a broad range of disciplines. We have identified several positions where we need volunteers from the community to take on a specific role and responsibilities supporting the Sahana Software Foundation.

We currently are looking for several volunteers to fill critical roles supporting the Foundation. Please visit our volunteer positions page for more information.

There are several important volunteer positions already filled. These are listed here as a record of the roles and responsibilities. See the volunteer positions page for a detailed list of the responsibilities and qualifications of each of these positions:

  • Admin team (general support for SSF infrastructure, including user accounts, systems administration, IRC, demo sites, DNS administration): Chamindra de Silva, Darlene McCullough, Dan Zubey, Fran Boon, Gavin Treadgold, Mark Prutsalis, Praneeth Bodduluri, Pat Tressel
  • Community Call Coordinator: Michael Howden
  • GSOC Administrators: David Bitner (primary); Mark Prutsalis (backup); Darlene McCullough (Agasti coordinator); Michael Howden (Eden coordinator)
  • Accounts Administrator: Abhishek Arora
  • Security response team: Chamindra de Silva, Charles Wisniewski, David Nalley, Fran Boon, Greg Miernicki, Mark Prutsalis
  • Sahana Wiki Administrators: Darlene McCullough, Mark Prutsalis

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