2010 Sri Lanka National Disaster Relief Services Center

I. Sahana Deployed by

Official host of Sahana: National Disaster Relief Services Center (NDRSC)
Funded by: the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka

II. How Sahana was used

Sahana software development and customization:

  • Customized to match the requirements of the NDRSC relief operations and the NDRSC Circular forms
  • Sahana Agasti / (Mayon/Symphony) used
  • Used for disaster simulation / training / rollout and support over 18 months

Sahana Modules Deployed:

  • Missing Persons Registry
  • Disaster Victim Registry
  • Request/Aid Management System / Needs
  • Assessment Module
  • Inventory/Catalog System
  • Organization Registry
  • Messaging Module
  • Volunteer Management Module
  • NDRSC Forms

III. How Sahana Community Supported the Deployment

ICTA contracted with Respere Lanka and hSenid Business Solutions to deliver the Sahana Disaster Management System to the NDRSC.

Code developed to be contributed to Sahana Agasti Mayon trunk (details on specific contributions to follow)

IV. Major Accomplishments/Outcomes

V. Lessons Learned

For more information see public Respere Project Briefing

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