Template for Sahana Case Studies

I. Description of Disaster

Name, Type, Location, Impact, Numbers Affected

II. Sahana Deployed by

Official host of Sahana - governmental or non-governmental organization

III. How Sahana was used

  • Where and how it was used (dates)
  • by whom it was used (individuals, organizations, etc.)
  • What version of Sahana was used
  • What modules were used

IV. How Sahana Community Supported the Deployment

Both direct on site and remote support - numbers of community members supporting - names and roles if available
Quantitative Information on the deployment of Sahana

  • How many bugs found & fixed
  • What new modules were added
  • What new features were added

V. Major Accomplishments/Outcomes

How Sahana helped host manage the disaster; results of the deployment
1-2 sentence narrative on how Sahana helped
Quantitative Information on the effectiveness of Sahana, such as:

  • how many records
  • how many disaster victims registered
  • how many shelters registered
  • how many families reunited

VI. Lessons Learned

Links to/any case studies / media articles / documentation about the response
Links to/any testimonials or quotes from the customer/stakeholder

(Also please add to deployments start page (not here) things that should be replicated in future deployments and things that should be avoided in future deployments)

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