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Sahana Mailing Lists

The information below describes and captures the relevance of various topics to different mailing lists. If you are not familiar with Open Source mailing list we also recommend reading about mailing list etiquette


( Subscribe ) This mailing list is for users/administrators of Sahana to submit queries on any specific aspect of using, administering and deploying Sahana. General discussion items include:

  • queries on using the Sahana interface
  • queries on installing Sahana
  • queries on customizing Sahana for a particular requirement
  • queries on how to deploy Sahana based on the scenario

Please submit any feedback on the interface to the Sahana main-dev list if possible.


( Subscribe ) This mailing list exists to discuss the humanitarian and emergency management domain related ICT requirements, problems and solutions. This list is for people who do not want to get involved with the technical details on humanitarian-ICT projects such as Sahana. General discussion items include:

  • Humanitarian and Emergency Management problems where ICT can help
  • High level solution strategies (without too much technical depth)
  • Feedback on Humanitarian-ICT systems from a practitioners point of view
  • Non system/project specific requirements definition for problem areas
  • Humanitarian / EM standards, ontologies discussions
  • Humanitarian-ICT system (e.g. Sahana) adoption and promotion recommendations and support

Please do not get into too much technical detail on this list and reserve that for Sahana-maindev


( Subscribe ) All Sahana contribution related discussions happen on this list, whether it be technical design, coding, QA, documentation, deployment and geeky discussions (even Sahana T-Shirts!). Thus this really represents the project engineering team mailing list. Sahana-maindev discussions include:

  • Sahana development queries, conventions, bugs
  • Sahana architecture, design and schemas
  • Sahana Documentation, theme, bugs and QA discussions
  • Sahana resource discussions (e.g. website, hosting, mailing lists)
  • Sahana standards on development, documentation and QA
  • Sahana fun stuff (T-shirts, mascots, gizmos, logos, etc)
  • Anything under the sun with respect to Sahana contribution

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