• Defining requirements
  • Refining Inventory Module to meet these requirements
  • Review/Test by stakeholders
  • Further refinement
  • Review/Test by Beta-testers (between us, I'm sure we could find 10-20 Logisticians willing to giving it a go)
  • Further refinement
  • Set free into the wild. Publicize through all of our networks, try to get as much take up as possible (probably should be a gradual process…)
  • Further refinement based on feedback
  • Look for funding from: Donors who see the value in the software; Organizations willing to pay for the implementation (customization; training)
  • Use funding to repeat process for: Fleet management, asset management, procurement, distribution tracking


  • Mark & I can probably define the requirements.
  • I can think of a couple of potential beta-testers
  • Mahesh + 1 Intern are developing this currently(?). How much time are you able to commit to this? Do you need other resources/support? Do we need to get any other developer working on this? Will volunteers be enough? Should we start recruiting volunteers for this ? Mahesh - let us know!
  • I can code, although only have limited experience with PHP and none with AJAX, and would prefer not to (and my time is limited). But the option is there.


Who's going? I've submitted a paper on Humanitarian Logistics Information Systems. Do you think we would be able to demo this module? What opportunities could this provide? More volunteers to code?


Is the Inventory Module used in any of the current implementations?

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