Announcement of First Annual Meeting of the Members and Directors of the Sahana Software Foundation

Date: Sunday, May 2, 2010
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1113 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98101 USA

All Members and Directors of the Sahana Software Foundation are hereby notified that the (First) Annual Meeting of the Members and Board of Directors of the Sahana Software Foundation will take place on Sunday, May 2, 2010 in Seattle, Washington, United States of America at the Seattle Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The date, time and location has been chosen to coincide with the 7th annual ISCRAM conference, which many of our members and community plan to attend. It also takes place immediately before the next RELIEF experiments in Camp Roberts near Paso Robles, California. We hope that this date and locale will make it possible for many to be able to attend our Annual Meeting.

We will attempt to make arrangements to provide a conference call / web conference facility for those who can not attend in person, but this is not guaranteed. This should be considered a face-to-face in person meeting. Proxies should be signed and returned by those not able to attend in person such that their votes can be cast on the membership and directors.

The agenda will look something like the following:

  08:00	Breakfast
  08:30	Members Meeting
      Report of Officers to the Members
      Review of Nominations of New Members
      Election of New Members
      Review of Nominations for the Board of Directors
      Election of Board of Directors
      General Discussion
  12:00	Lunch
  13:00	Sahana Symposium/Mini-Conference
  15:30	Breakout Meetings of Committees and Projects
  17:00	Adjourn
  18:00	Dinner Meeting of the Board of Directors

We will separately circulate and explain procedures for nominating new Members and Directors, as well as how to return proxies for those unable to attend in person such that all Member's votes may be cast and counted at the meeting. We will also solicit requests for speaking slots or topics to be addressed at the Symposium, which will be open to anyone.

At this time, the Sahana Software Foundation has no resources to provide any support for any travel, accommodation, or registration at the ISCRAM conference. We are seeking corporate sponsorship for our meeting and may be able to provide partial support for airfares for those invited to attend the RELIEF 10-3 experiments at Camp Roberts, but at this time, you should assume that such support is not available and make your own arrangements to attend.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you plan to attend and under what conditions by filling out the following form or e-mail this information to

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