Volunteer Management System

Executive Summary
  • A module to manage volunteers.
  • Mentor: Pat Tressel
  • Student: Zubair Assad
GSoC Requirements
Midterm Evaluation Milestones: 24 May - 12 July
GoalMeasureDue DateStatus
Requirement Analysis and List Features Arrived to a conclusion regarding New Features 6/2/2010Completed
Implementation of Skills User is able to add skills to its profile.6/14/2010Completed
Custom Skill Client is able to add custom skill6/22/2010Completed
GIS View Volunteer Location on Map6/29/2010Completed
Interactivity Messaging module to send messages to teams. 7/06/2010Completed
Final Touches Cleanup 7/12/2010Completed
UML Diagrams
  • If u have registered some persons then you will get a list of person in a table above the add person form.
  • Click on the “id” of the person.
  • Now on the the Volunteer Management System menu bar, you will see the name of the person between the 'Person' and 'My Task' menu options.
  • The 'Person: Person Name' would have several sub options e.g. Volunteer Status, Skill, Contact.

Catherine's feedback:

1. “i notice the volunteer module displays data on the open web. I would classify this as a breach in volunteer privacy. The registry should only be visible after credentials are entered. http://humanityroad.sahanafoundation.org/eden/ is our module. You'll see that you needn't log in to gain access to volunteer records The project mod also has the same issue http://humanityroad.sahanafoundation.org/eden/vol/project. I don't wish my projects to be viewed on the open web.There is an example of private volunteer data accessible to the public http://humanityroad.sahanafoundation.org/eden/vol/person/identity ''

2. Hospitals, missing persons, shelter registries are single event databases, it makes no sense to issue them to 800 NGO organizations to have them maintain different versions. In an event Sahana's original goal from Sri Lanka was to avoid that confusion. So forgive me for being dirict but who keeps the list of what agency is operating the golden source Hospitals, missing persons, & shelter registries? ..when an event unfolds how do i know who has started one?

3. we also recommend adding a module to track volunteer training coursework, those training classes that are assigned to a student and those completed by the student.We also recommend adding a module to track volunteer hours worked.

Use of Tabs in “Sign up as Volunteer”, advantages:

  1. It tells the user they should fill in all the pieces.
  2. It gives us an opportunity to take an action when the user saves any part of the form.

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