Based on our experience from the first Sahana Camp, the following has been considered:

In the eating-our-own dogfood area, volunteer management system could be used to organize the next sahana camp. Such a type of event would be a common thing for volunteers to organize, so this links a schedule with participant registrations, acceptance, confirmation, travel details, accommodation booking.

Flyby volunteers would be allowed to register to Volunteer Management System with limited access to the components of Eden.

Registration does not mean *self*-registration – could be data entered from a paper, form or email by someone other than the volunteer.

Sending mail to a group, one thing you could do is “select” a group just like selecting a person – user clicks on the line for a group in the list of groups, or creates a new group, and that group is selected. Then have a menu that appears for that selected group, like (Group: Some Group).Under that we could have Edit and Send Message.

Messaging UI for selecting multiple teams and individuals as recipients. e.g. of Team message: “FIRE XYZ ADDRESS, 4 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED” e.g. of Individual message to all members: “ALL HANDS THREE ALARM FIRE XYZ”

Select personnel by location. E.g. everyone on team X within radius N of some site Ping by geo location to personnel: “los angeles tsunami alert till 10pm” “pull back and meet in bakersfield”

Most importantly authentication, authorization and encryption needed while communicating with Volunteers to safeguard privacy of volunteers.

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