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As the current Module Manager is already underway and a way to install the modules from a zip file has already been developed . Since the basic structure of how the module must be packaged to be readily imported and the installer of the module in Sahana has already been done . Code segregation must be done to identify this a separate Module manager code which is currently integrated into the admin section . Code modularisation differentiating between the admin code and module manager must be done to have separate development of these two independent entities.This will be the first part of the project before i proceed with any coding of the actual project ,

Build an interface to have an Install module option , uninstall module and disable module .Each would be encoded as three different modules maintain readability of the code . This would be the second part of the Project to have a module manager which can install /uninstall and disable a module .

Jumping to App store which would host the modules developed by many developers . To implement this I would like to host a temporary application repo of modules . Now , the module manager should be able to fetch the list of modules available may be by category wise or some ordered/unordered way and display it on the interface in module manager in Sahana . Now a search option based on tags will be provided to search for the appropriate and required module and an option to install it . This requires a functionality in module manager to fetch the zip file from the repository and then automatically use the installation mechanism as developed above to install the module .

As final phase of the project I would like to provide a section which will indicate which modules currently used are having an upgraded version and a notification to update if required . If this is done so , then flow of process would be to back up any/all settings the user desires to retain , uninstall the current module and fetch the latest version of the module and follow the installation and then have the settings configured . an alternate way is to just change the CHANGED files .

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Mentor : Greg Miernicki

Student : Kusum Kumar Madarasu wiki user link :

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