Functional Specifications/ Mockups for the Sahana Eden EdenUI for Google Summer of Code 2010

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S3XRC being a powerful backend that serves XML and JSON in a RESTful manner hasn't yet got a front-end that can exploit its positives. A new ExtJS based front-end would help us not only utilize S3XRC but also save a lot of bandwidth by exchanging information in JSON instead of full page reloads.

Background Scenarios and User Stories

Dave wishes to update multiple records at one go using the web interface, but current UI allows him to do so only after that many number of page reloads.

Ravi has a list of important organizations that need to be added, but he is on a 64Kbps connection, which makes it a horrible user experience for him to navigate to different pages everytime he adds an organization.

Perkins is running a browser that doesn't support javascript, he wishes to switch back to old Eden UI which is less javascript intensive.

Ron is a developer on the Sahana Eden team and wants a uniformity in UI elements across Eden.


(to be completed)


S3XRC - RESTful interface for XML & JSON on which the new UI elements are based on.

Widgets - Any generic container that represents data in a meaningful, readable way, at the same time adding some functionality to it (create, edit, delete, sort, search)


  • Eden developers
  • End users → people using Eden to view or add/edit data


UI Elements

  • ExtJS based grid view for existing tables
    • Sortable
    • Paginated
    • Create/Update/Delete in place
  • Edit-in-place Pheader area
    • Existing pheader would be made more dynamic by allowing
      • developers to customize fields to be shown/hidden
      • end users to edit it in place (transformation to editable form)
    • Change search criteria in place
  • Nested/Related resources to be converted to tabs
  • * more to be added


ExtJS based grid

Transformations for resource page

Popup for edit in place


  • ExtJS
  • AJAX


Open Issues

Rheader replacement to suit new UI - TBD



Nice to have

* Live validations on forms * Constant update to catch up S3XRC development

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