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 +**This project is part of [[http://eden.sahanafoundation.org/wiki/GSOC2010ProjectIdeas|Sahana Eden]] [[foundation:sahana_gsoc10|Google Summer of Code]]**
 +== Executive Summary ==
 +  *Abstract: In the aftermath of a natural disaster, it is imperative that the extent of the damages be evaluated in a timely manner. Enter stage right, Survey Tool: A tool to create, manage, and enter surveys to assess the needs of the peoples affected by the natural disaster to deliver the much needed aid in an efficient manner. 
 +  * Student: [[http://robbyoconnor.blogspot.com|Robert O'Connor]] 
 +  * Mentor(s): Michael Howden, Mark Prutsalis and Gavin Treadgold
 +== Architecture ==
 +  * Templates make up the survey then questions are added to the template.
 +  * The template is then added to a series.
 +  * The series is what you enter data for.
 +\\ \\
 +^Question Types^^^^
 +^Type^Rendered as^Example^
 +|Text|Text Field|Person's name|
 +|Number|Text Field which disallows non-numeric answers|Number of persons affected|
 +|Date|Text Field with a date selector on focus|Date of Assessment|
 +|Long Text|Text Area|Building Status|
 +\\ \\
 +== Creating a Survey ==
 +  * From the front page -- select "Survey Module" 
 +  * Go the "Template" menu and select "Add" 
 +  * Fill out all details.
 +  * Click "Next" 
 +  * you can either: select questions that are in the system or click "Add Question" and the question will be added to the dropdown and selected for you. 
 +  * Click "Save."
 +\\ \\
 +== Creating a Series == 
 +  * Go to the "Series" menu and select "Add" 
 +  * Fill out all details 
 +  * click "Save" 
 +  * Go the List page 
 +  * click "Answer" to fill out the survey or "Results" to view results for that series.

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