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A proper method for collection, management and distribution of logistics is one of the most integral parts of any Disaster Management System. Usual supply chains are designed to handle the management of resources for routine operations on a day-to-day basis. Yet, disaster relief systems should carry out logistic management in a much larger scale. The success of a disaster relief mission is largely determined by how well logistic management is done. The success of a disaster relief system under emergency situations could be ensured by creating a system which can cater to normal, day-to-day operations, but is also scalable to address the more demanding needs of a disaster relief system.

Primary concern of this project is to build up the core functionalities of the logistics module first and move ahead with the rest(Agile development). Basically, a person who logs in to the system will need ways to send Items/shipment, receive Items/shipments, request Items and see the remaining items in the warehouse. Hence, I would implement the Logistics Site Functionality Idea along with the basic Item catalog. These functions will fulfill the primary needs of the logistics module, allowing the proper management of logistics according to the needs of the situation.


  • Site management : CRUD of sites, CRUD of storage locations, Assign storage locations to sites
  • Item Catalog : includes a categorization of various items. Each category can have either more sub categories or items. An item can be individual or composite: made up of multiple items of the same type or different types.
  • Send Items :
  1. Create new shipment : From the existing Items in the warehouse user can search for Items and add it to the shipment.
  2. Select shipments from GRN and send : User might have to forward shipments as a whole from one location to another (Select shipments using GRN).
  • Receive Items :
  1. Receive new shipment: from three parties: an organization, Internal, person. When receiving a shipment, user will search for necessary Items from Item catalog [3] by item name or item code. If a particular item is not available in the catalog, then the user will have to add it to the catalog.
  2. Receive pre-entered shipments: A pre-confirmed shipment can be added to a site with the hope of intaking it when shipment arrives.
  • Request Items : user can request a required item from the system. All requests will be prompted in the logistics dash board.
  • Logistics dashboard : A simple dash board showing statistical data, site map, Item requests and other useful information.



Weekly meetings : Every Tuesday 1430 UTC in IRC

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