Logistic Module

Requirement Specification – Logistic Shipment (Gsoc 2010)


As Sahana is serving the community with a great disaster management system,It is trustworthy arm in point of disaster management system to have a logistic management system.As defined by the community this should be a collaborative effort composing from several sub modules.

Hence the intention of this project is to facilitate Sahana logistic management system with a better logistic shipment functionality to handle items around locations as efficiently as possible.

Background Scenarios and User Stories

In point of a Disaster Management System it is a common functionality to handle goods around countries (sites / locations). At the moment Sahana does not have such a mechanism even though it is really worth and common function for a Disaster Management System. Hence the Logistic Management System for Sahana is high prioritized functionality as defined by its community and should be a collaborative effort composing several sub-modules that work together to provide complex functionalities for managing Logistics.

There should be a better way to handle shipments around sites in case of facilitating damaged areas effectively. Hence this mechanism should be as efficient as possible undertaking core functionalities to make sure dispatching and receiving shipments from one site to another. Thus it is clear that logistic shipment functionality will be playing a vital role towards the whole Logistic management module. Hence it is important to facilitate Sahana logistic management system with a better logistic shipment functionality


  • Super Users - have access to do EVERYTHING in logistic management system
  • Vehicle managers - People who are responsible for the site owned vehicles
  • Transit operators - People who are responsible for updating shipment states
  • Shipment Inspectors - People who will verify received shipments


  • Warehouse operators, administrators → super users
  • Site managers,Transit operators → super users
  • Shipment inspectors
  • Vehicle managers

Data Model

Core objectives to be achieved

  • Providing vehicle registering facility
  • Assign vehicles to sites while registering
  • Creating shipments from items stored in different sites
  • Display all the shipments with it's items
  • Delete shipments
  • Assign shipments to dispatch.
  • Assigning driver or responsible person and vehicle to a trip
  • Dispatching shipment to a specified destination.
  • Manage routes for different origins and destinations
  • Find routes (trip can have various transit points) that has to be followed to deliver the shipments
  • Receive shipments and update details
  • Checking if the shipment received is complete or not. If it is not complete differences are recorded as damaged or lost etc.(under logistic site functionality)
  • Adding pre confirmed shipment to a site (under logistic site functionality)

UI Design

  • Menu: Logistic Management
  • Submenu : logistic shipment:
  1. * Register vehicle
  2. * Manage shipment
  3. * Dispatch shipment
  4. * Shipment inspection
  5. * Receive shipment
  6. * Manage routes
  7. * Transit inspection
Vehicle Registration
Step NumberPage
1Enter vehicle details
2Assign vehicle to a site (from available sites)
3Save vehicle details

Manage shipments

Creating shipment
Step NumberPage
1Enter shipment name, details (e.g : for what this shipment is creating) and save
2Navigate to add items to the shipment
3Add items to the shipment from a selected location
4View the shipment with it's items
View Sipments
Step NumberPage
1Navigate to manage shipments
2Click on a link(shipment name) out of available shipments
3Lists the shipment with it's items
4CRUD items in the shipment

Dispatch Shipment
Step NumberPage
1Select origin, destination, driver and vehicle for a trip
2Select shipment to be dispatched
3Lists down all the items in the selected shipment
4Update items in the shipment if needed
5Dispatch the shipment

Sample mockups (This mockups may change in the future)

Vehicle Registration

  • Providing vehicle registering facility with the details ( vehicle type, category, capacity,etc)
  • Assign vehicles to sites while registering

Sample Mockup

Dispatch Shipment

  • Assigning driver or responsible person to a trip
  • Assign a vehicle to a trip from the site owned vehicles
  • Select shipment from the available shipments and list down it's items below (Note: not illustrated in the below mockup)
  • Dispatch vehicle to a specified destination.

Sample Mockup

Shipment Inspection

  • Select a shipment out of available shipments (those shipment will already be created by the dispatch shipment with a unique name and id)
  • View shipment summary along with the current location where the shipment is currently retain without being added to a Site.
  • If the shipment destination is the current site (the location from where this screen is accessed) proceed to receive shipment.

Sample Mockup

Transit Inspection

  • Someone checks a shipment as it arrives in port (although it has not been received at a WH or Site) . Hence first it should select the shipment
  • View shipment route details along with current location and next transit (next transit is found by route details updated through Manage Routes)
  • If the next transit is the inspecting site this should be updated (it would be the current location for the next inspection)

Sample Mockup

Manage Routes

  • Add route information (After selecting origin and destination it should be possible to select all the transit points accordingly and save route information)
  • View route details (It list down all the transit points under particular origin and destination)

Sample Mockup

Receive Shipment

  • Select available shipments and select the site to receive the shipments
  • Add shipments to the selected site (proper validations should be taken place just to make sure the shipment's destination is the site selected by the user to add shipment)

Sample Mockup

Screen shots

Time Line

Logistic shipment time line
GoalsEstimated Completion
Providing vehicle registering facility (Separation of vehicles according to the vehicle types and assignment to sites will be possible, All the validations are integrated)2010-06-07
Creating shipments from the items stored in a site and illustrating shipment with it's items (depends on the availability of the items and will finish with the mock data if items are not available.2010-06-25
Manage shipments, delete shipments, add extra items to shipment etc2010-07-01
Dispatching shipment to a specified destination. (All the validations are integrated)2010-07-12
Mid Evaluation
Modifications or improvements suggested at the mid evaluation will be addressed2010-07-20
Implement shipment inspection function2010-07-25
Implement receive shipment2010-08-03
Implement draft manage routes scenario2010-08-09
Scrub the code , Documenting functionalities to continue future constructions2010-08-16

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