Sahana Software Foundation Membership Nomination Form and Application

To be eligible for membership in the Sahana Software Foundation, a person must be nominated by a current member of the Foundation and then invited after a 75% affirmative vote of 20% of the existing members of the Foundation. An invited new member will be admitted upon receipt of this completed application and a signed Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

The nominating member should complete and submit the form below or online at This information will be provided to the members to use when they vote on the membership application. Discussion of the nomination will take place via the members at sahanafoundation dot org distribution list. Please send nomination forms by email in PDF or other standard format to membership at sahanafoundation dot org.

Member Nomination Form

Name of Nominating Member:

Name of Person you are Nominating for Membership:

Contributions to or Use of Sahana:

The nomination must be signed.



Invited Member Application

The invited member should provide his or her postal address, phone number, fax number and e-mail. A signed Contributor License Agreement (CLA) must be returned by the invited member along with a completed application form for the membership to become official (online at:


Postal address:

Phone number:

Fax number (optional):


Why do you want to join the Sahana Software Foundation:

The application must be signed.



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