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 Week 2 : Week 2 :
-Separated the Module Manager code from the admin section +I have separated the admin code and Module manager code from the admin section and created a new module as Module manager which will contain code of all the responsibilities of Module Manager . I have almost finished coding with basic version of  Upgrading/Activating/De-activating a module . By the end of this week i will most likely finish the working Module Manager and start work on how the modules must be packaged and the App store (will start after a discussion with mentors). 
 +Week 3: 
 +As discussed with Greg, Glenn Sir (mentors) for this project in the last IRC meeting about the Enabling and Disabling a module has been succesfully completed . Now using the Module manager modules can be enabled and disabled with no issues and also changes are reflected in the admin http://sahana/index.php?mod=admin&act=acl_enable_mods  . Upgrade of a module if an upgrade version is available is also finished . This also includes if the module A is dependant on say X,Y,Z modules and then X,Y,Z are updated if not already in the latest version .  I have tested this by setting up a demo repository of the upgrade version of modules and fetching the files . So far everything works clean . This week i will   document all the work done so far and also  Module package guidelines that will be required for packages being recognised by module manager as valid upgrade modules . 
-Alpha version of the Module Manager is coded with some more basic functionalities and layout . 

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