Functions declared in Module Manager module and what they do .

Functions used :

function shn_mm_mainmenu()
Contains the Main menu entries for Module Manager

function shn_mm_default()

Home page content of Module Manager is placed here

function shn_mm_change_conf($module)
This method is used to change values of variables


Contains the configuration variables


function shn_mm_module_mgr()
Displays content for install/uninstall

function shn_mm_install()

Contains the core code for installing a module


function shn_mm_uninstall()
Contains the core code for uninstalling a module


function shn_mm_app_store()
Shows the home page of the App store (content yet to be added)


contains list of all the files that have to be included


Contains content of the home page of the Module Manager


function recursiveDelete($str)
Deletes a folder and all its subfolders

function list_dir($dir_handle,$path)

Displays a folder and all its subfolders


function shn_mm_upgrade()
Displays a list of modules for which upgrade versions are available

function shn_mm_up($module)

Contains the core function code for upgrading a module

function shn_mm_up2()

This function is used to iterate over a set of modules to be Upgraded (Note : This function only iterates over a array of module names passed but uses the shn_mm_up function to perform the upgrade )

function shn_mm_download($category,$file,$extension)

This function contains code to download a file from the App store and parameters to be passed are category of the module(mod) , module name and extension (.inc or .zip)

function shn_mm_verify_upgrade($module)

This function contains code to check if a particular module has a upgrade version on the App store

function shn_mm_unzipit($module)

Unzip a downloaded module package folder into the mod folder and also executes the corresponding sql files

function ver($file)

A temporary function to return the version number of a file (eg: v2.4.sql will be returned as 2.4)

function compare_version($upgrade,$current)

This contains code to check if upgrade version value is greater than current eg : compare_version(, will return a true

function shn_check_dependancy($module)

No code yet

function shn_mm_conf_value($module,$value)

returns value of the required column from mm_conf table in database

function shn_mm_get_dependancy($module)


function shn_mm_update()
Displays the entire list of installed modules and gives an option to Enable/Disable the module


function shn_mm_dp()
Handles the form submit after module upgrade is selected . Also displays the needed action on dependencies like need to upgrade

function shn_mm_update_step2()

Iterates over the array of modules selected in the Update list (enable/disable)

function shn_mm_module_upgrade_check($modules)

Code yet to be written

function shn_mm_verify_package($module)

Code yet to be written . This function will contain code to verify if the downloaded package is downloaded correctly in terms of file structure and files

This is the file structure of Module Manager

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